Employee complaint form

Every business has its problems. Some of them are minor, like a broken coffee maker. Others can cause major problems within your company, like an abusive manager or a business process that costs thousands more than an alternative.

Businessman bothered when checking voicemail

Voicemail. Its entire purpose is to ensure that, when a call is missed, the customer (or potential customer) is able to leave a message and have their query answered at some point in the future. Chances are you cannot be by your phone 100% of the time, and voicemail gives customers a way to reach you.

Employee distracted from work because of a phone call

Imagine you’re a professional baseball player. It’s the bottom of the ninth, you’re down by three, and the bases are loaded. The pitcher winds up, pitches – ball one. They wind up and pitch again – ball two. They’ve fallen behind and now they’re looking nervous. You know the next pitch is probably going to be a strike. You’re dialed in. You’re ready.

Recruit interviewing for a customer service representative (CSR) position

Customer service is a skill like any other. Everyone has a different level of skill with regards to customer service, and while customer service can be trained you also want to make sure that you’re finding those that will excel in a customer service role. When you hire for customer service staff, you need a way to figure out which applicants will provide excellent customer service and which are less likely to connect with your customers.

Should Your Company Accept Phone Calls After Office Hours?

Companies have set hours but your customers do not. Many customers have needs that arise after business hours. For small business owners, especially those in service industries, this causes an issue. Do you answer your customers calls after hours or do you let the call goto voicemail? 

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