Creating a Wiki for Company Documentation:  One Source to Guide Them All

This post was co-authored by Brian Davis, CMS's Wiki Administrator

Imagine an online resource available 24/7, one that has all of your business's essential documentation, automatically notifies staff when a critical update is made, and eliminates cumbersome stacks of binders and memos. Did I fail to mention it saves time, frustration, and is free to use?

Employee complaint form

Every business has its problems. Some of them are minor, like a broken coffee maker. Others can cause major problems within your company, like an abusive manager or a business process that costs thousands more than an alternative.

Businessman bothered when checking voicemail

Voicemail. Its entire purpose is to ensure that, when a call is missed, the customer (or potential customer) is able to leave a message and have their query answered at some point in the future. Chances are you cannot be by your phone 100% of the time, and voicemail gives customers a way to reach you.

Employee distracted from work because of a phone call

Imagine you’re a professional baseball player. It’s the bottom of the ninth, you’re down by three, and the bases are loaded. The pitcher winds up, pitches – ball one. They wind up and pitch again – ball two. They’ve fallen behind and now they’re looking nervous. You know the next pitch is probably going to be a strike. You’re dialed in. You’re ready.

Recruit interviewing for a customer service representative (CSR) position

Customer service is a skill like any other. Everyone has a different level of skill with regards to customer service, and while customer service can be trained you also want to make sure that you’re finding those that will excel in a customer service role. When you hire for customer service staff, you need a way to figure out which applicants will provide excellent customer service and which are less likely to connect with your customers.

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