Information Technology Call Center Solutions

While you keep innovating, we’ll care for your customers 24/7/365

When technology misbehaves we share the horror stories and it’s bad for business. From minor issues to all-out IT disasters, the most common complaint is frustration: Who to call and how hard it is to reach a live person. As users, most of us admit to having a love-hate relationship with technology and view our technology dependency as both a blessing and a curse. Even when business is booming for manufacturers, developers and IT consultants, the innovation and invention driving success is too often at odds with customer service that keeps customers happy and loyal.

CMS technology solutions let you do what only you can do by handling calls like your third-party IT department. The idea is you keep working and creating, we’ll care for your customers. Everything from Tier 1 troubleshooting to on-call support; creating work tickets, manning your 24 Hour Help Desk and more. All to ensure that superior customer service is delivered in less time and at lower cost, without hiring additional staff or coming at the expense of the next great thing.

Server racks in data center

We all love Technology – except when we hate it.
Let’s Customize a Call Center Solution for Your Technology Business!

Ensure that every call is answered professionally with protocol tailored to your needs and without disrupting doing what you do best.

By screening incoming calls we keep your customers happy while efficiently routing them appropriately saving everyone time and building good will.

For customers, getting help is their priority and CMS delivers it. Instead of a recorded message, a calm and sympathetic live voice ready to help.


As your Tech Support department, we screen calls using crafted scripts, open work tickets, route calls, follow-up and integrate with your existing systems.

We’ll affordably coordinate your 24 Hour on-site support commitments by screening and routing calls, and dispatching on-call techs with a record of every transaction.

24 Hour staffing to assess, process and respond to system alerts with immediate response to critical situations. CMS helps you avoid costly communication failures.


Selected Examples of Who We Serve

It was common sense to provide cost-effective after-hours tech support with basic live answering services and create a suite of IT call center solutions. Easily customized to escalate support for managed service providers, consultants, software developers, IT engineers and more. An essential part of building any successful IT business is satisfied customers that boast about support. We’ll design the system that reflects your needs, and cares for customers in a way that shows you care. Every call answered, every customer getting help and properly routed where they need to go. Rising above competitors with a Technology Call Center solution that reflects positively on your company, your products and way of doing business.