Information Technology Call Center Solutions

Protect profits and retain clients with IT call center outsourcing from CMS. Utilizing our professional staff as your first line of telephone support ensures your customers receive a consistently high level of service without burdening your organization with unnecessary staff or overhead.

IT Answering Service

Live operators available on demand.

Technician Dispatching

Screening and dispatching service calls.

Tier 1 IT Help Desk

An affordable first line of support.

Network Monitoring Call Center

Monitoring system alerts 24-7.


Is downtime acceptable for your customers?

System failure or service interruption can result in critical data loss, stoppage in production, or dangerous work conditions. It can cost your customer thousands of dollars. When emergencies happen, your customers need a reliable way to reach you immediately. CMS has IT call center staff available 24/7/365 for these situations.

Our highly trained agents are ready to respond to emergencies and ensure crucial personnel are notified. Each urgent issue is handled in the shortest possible time frame. In addition to live telephone answering, your account can be setup to receive e-mails automatically generated from your equipment. Your personnel can be notified before your clientele are even aware there is an issue.

Give your operation the competitive edge

The IT industry is more competitive than ever before. Your competition is not just down the road or in the same city, but worldwide. Differentiate yourself from your competition by providing live, professional IT call center support 24/7. Give your company the competitive advantage by using our 40 years of industry experience to enhance your customers' experience.

Relax and enjoy some peace of mind

Customized call center scripting will assure that every emergency or priority call is handled in the quickest, most efficient way possible. Non-emergency calls can hold for the next business day. An after-hours escalation process will be developed per your specifications, ensuring that critical issues do not cause a delay in resolution. The outsourced answering services provided by CMS are designed specifically for the needs of your organization.

We are available when you need us most

Losing contact with your clients or on-site staff can be extremely costly. If you lose your power or telephone system, experience a weather emergency, have a sick employee, or encounter a natural disaster, our information technology call center will be available. Our secure Midwest location has back-up power and telephony.

Why CMS?

Based in USA

Staffed by Native English speakers. We've never outsourced a call overseas and never will.

Friendly Service

Friendly, highly trained agents delivering great customer experiences.

100% Customizable

Personalized solutions built to the needs of your organization. 

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"I would highly recommend CMS to any medical practice looking for a high quality, responsive call center."

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