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None of our call center services are one size fits all. Thanks to an industry leading IT staff and more than 40 years’ experience, we’re able to provide advanced call center solutions that are built to the individual needs of our clients.

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Better results by design

Many call center implementations fail due to a lack of attention to detail and poor utilization of existing technology. At CMS, we work to make sure this never happens. By having IT professionals and programmers in house, we’re able to design and build custom solutions that integrate seamlessly with our clients’ systems, avoiding generic solutions that create additional work or discontent among end users.

Built to your specifications

If you have a specific work flow in mind or already have a call center process that you are trying to outsource, we have the advanced call center capabilities you need to make it a reality. We’re only limited by our imaginations, and there’s nothing that is off limits in terms of development. Our programming team enjoys a challenge and always goes the extra mile to ensure call center accounts work as effectively as possible.

Advanced call center examples

Curious what “advanced call center” really means? Here are some examples of what we’ve been able to accomplish for our clients:

  • A database driven script for a nationwide property management company, connecting their maintenance and work ticket system directly to our call center software. Resulting account allows agents to quickly filter the property being called about and seamlessly log in to our clients work ticket system, save a work ticket, then extract the data back to our system for dispatching.
  • Employee call-off hotline and absenteeism reporting service for a Fortune 500 company, tracking employee attendance across multiple plants and generating custom reports via an online portal.
  • Web-based appointment scheduling system that is used simultaneously by our clients and agents. System includes custom appointment types and walks agents through the different information callers may request for each, including duration, price, and types of payment accepted. Agents have the capability to signal client when a callback is needed and deliver special information related to individual appointments, allowing the same level of personal service to exist as was available prior to utilizing our call center.

As you can see, our advanced call center capabilities allow us to go far beyond just answering the phone and taking messages. And these are just a few brief examples of what we’re capable of. If you’re interested in lowering your costs without sacrificing the level of service you provide your customers and employees, we encourage you to call our sales department to discuss how we can help.

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