Dedicated to customer service and operational excellence, Continental Message Solution (CMS) is an award-winning call center and live answering service serving the communication needs of clients worldwide.

Foundation for Excellence

Founded in 1967 in Columbus, OH, CMS was initially established to provide answering and secretarial services to the businesses of Central Ohio.

Since then, CMS has developed fully customizable products and supports many industries worldwide.

Secure Locations

CMS is headquartered on Grant Avenue in the Discovery District of Downtown Columbus, OH.

Within 4 blocks of 3 Colleges and Universities and a few miles from 3 more, including one of the nation’s largest and most highly regarded public universities, The Ohio State University (4 miles). CMS actively employs some of the brightest young talent who have moved to Columbus for their education.

This location houses the main office, operations, call center staff, servers, and main telephony equipment. In addition, CMS has equipped specifically selected agents with the ability to work remotely from their homes. By utilizing remote technology, CMS can provide additional coverage On-Demand as needed.

Our West Coast facility is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.


New and upgraded servers help prevent any type of system failure through redundancies.

Backup power options, including a battery and a natural gas generator, mean CMS will never have a service outage due to power loss.

As a backup for our T1s, CMS has a fiber optic loop to sustain services should there be any failure or damage to the phone lines.

Inside the CMS call center


Continual investment in technology enables CMS to develop proprietary software and offer additional services.

All accounts are programmed with 100% customized scripting, providing agents with exact verbiage used to answer phone calls.

Additional software can integrate a client’s work ticket system, ordering website, or CRM directly with a CMS account.

Call Center Services Built for Any Business

Imagine a centralized call center and communication depot for your entire organization, one hub where essential calls and notifications come and go 24/7.

From virtual receptionist services to employee hotlines and mass notifications, CMS combines live agents with automated solutions to keep your call center processes moving around the clock.

Live Agent Call Center Solutions

Human customer service agents available to take your calls 24/7.

Automated Call Center and IVR

Fully customizable inbound and outbound IVR solutions.

Mass Notifications

Send voice, text, and email broadcasts to groups and individuals.