We’re proud to provide our award-winning telephone answering services throughout Alabama. Available 24 hours per day, our Alabama answering service provides professional staff to answer and dispatch calls in the name of your business.

Alabama Answering Services by City

Affordable Alabama Telephone Answering

Unlike hiring employees, our Alabama answering service is incredibly affordable, allowing you to pay only for the time you use. Instead of paying a receptionist or overnight dispatcher by the hour, our service allows you to pay by the minute, only accumulating charges when our telephone receptionists are actively working on your behalf.

24 Hour Live Answering

Our answering service is staffed around the clock, ensuring there are always personnel available to handle your calls. Whether you need a virtual receptionist to answer your business line during the day or an after-hours dispatcher to field service calls, we have the trained staff to meet your needs.

Personalized to Meet Your Needs

All of our Alabama answering services are personalized to meet the specific needs of your organization. From the way we answer your calls to the information we gather on your behalf, everything can be configured to mesh with your existing operation.

By answering calls after hours the same way your office staff does during the day, for example, we can help you maintain a consistent image and provide callers with the level of service they have come to expect. By gathering pertinent details regarding an HVAC service call, we can ensure your technician has all the information he or she needs to move forward.

Featured Alabama Answering Services

Alabama Medical Answering Service

Medical Doctor

Ideal for solo physicians and large practices alike, our Alabama medical answering service provides live operators to answer patient calls and filter them based on criteria that you put into place. Calls requiring immediate attention can be dispatched to the on-call doctor or emergency contact, while non-urgent matters can be held for the office or asked to call back at a later time. With our 100% personalized scripting and advanced answering service software, we can set up an account that follows your specific instructions.

Alabama Attorney Answering Service

Judge gavelBusy Alabama attorneys may not have the time to answer their calls, but they recognize the importance of connecting with potential clients as soon as possible. Our Alabama attorney answering service provides lawyers and law practices with 24-7 live telephone support, ensuring every call reaches a live person and those urgent inquiries or new clients immediately reach the first attorney available. Instead of referring callers to voicemail or demanding they call back during business hours, our attorney answering service provides an excellent customer service experience that helps retain existing clients and makes a positive first impression on new ones.

Alabama Small Business Answering Service

Small BusinessOur Alabama answering service for small businesses allows small companies to maintain customer service quality and professionalism on par with bigger, more established firms. Instead of wasting precious capital on office employees or receptionists, small businesses can utilize our 24-7 answering service to field their calls and allocate their funds to more pressing needs. By helping small businesses improve their customer service and availability, we help them take advantage of every available opportunity and remain competitive.