CMS is an award-winning provider of telephone answering services proudly serving the state of Arkansas. Available 24/7/365, our Arkansas answering service provides trained staff to answer and handle calls per your instructions.

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Affordable Arkansas Answering Services

Our Arkansas answering service is an affordable alternative to handling your calls in house. By hiring staff to accommodate your telephone answering needs, you’re forced to pay for idle time and deal with the headache of managing employees. At CMS, we handle all of the personnel management and only bill you for the time you need.

24 Hour Live Answering

Our Arkansas answering service is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Whether you need a night dispatcher to handle calls after hours or a daytime receptionist to relieve your busy office staff, we have the trained personnel available. With our service, you’ll no longer need to rely on voicemail or automated systems to pick up when you are unavailable.

An Extension of Your Business

Our Arkansas telephone answering services are customizable and designed to function as an extension of your business. Everything from the way we greet callers to the information we gather can be changed to meet your needs. By answering calls overnight the same way your staff does during the day, for example, we can help you maintain a consistent image and provide callers with the level of service they have come to expect.

Featured Arkansas Answering Services

Arkansas Medical Answering Service

Medical Doctor

Our Arkansas medical answering service gives healthcare professionals in the state of Arkansas an easy and affordable way to keep in contact with their patients. Fully HIPAA compliant, healthcare answering services from CMS can be utilized after hours, during lunch, or as an overflow solution during periods of high call volume.

Arkansas Attorney Answering Service

Judge gavel

From criminal defense attorneys to personal injury lawyers, our Arkansas attorney answering service is the perfect solution for legal practices looking to maintain professionalism while avoiding unnecessary costs. Instead of losing new clients to the competition, our 24-7 attorney answering service will ensure your firm is there to answer live every time.

Arkansas Small Business Answering Service

Small Business

Our Arkansas answering service for small businesses allows small companies to maintain customer service quality and professionalism on par with bigger, more established firms. Instead of wasting precious capital on office employees or receptionists, small businesses can use our 24-7 answering service to field their calls and allocate their funds to more pressing needs. This helps them grow their business without sacrificing customer service.