Based in the Midwest and serving clients nationwide, we are proud to offer Fresno answering services that help businesses maintain a professional telephone presence without the cost of hiring additional staff.

Cost-Effective Phone Answering Services

An hourly receptionist is paid regardless of whether he or she is talking on the phone. Our Fresno answering service provides a more cost-effective solution, allowing you to pay only for the time spent handling your calls. Available in affordable packages, our phone answering service makes it easy for Fresno businesses to provide live operator support.

24/7 Live Answering Services

Fresno answering services from CMS are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether you’re looking for an after-hours support team or overflow receptionists to assist your office staff during the day, we are available around the clock and prepared to answer your calls on demand.

Personalized Virtual Receptionist Solutions

Every business has unique needs, and our Fresno telephone answering services are flexible to accommodate them. Each account we set up is customized to client specifications, from how we answer the line to the questions we ask callers. Our goal is to function as an extension of your business and provide the same service level as you would expect from a receptionist working in your office.

Featured Fresno Answering Services

  • Fresno Medical Answering Service. Serving single-physician practices and multi-office medical groups, our Fresno medical answering service provides courteous receptionists to filter and relay calls based on urgency. Available around the clock, our medical answering service can be used both after hours and during the day as a backup to your regular office staff.
  • Fresno Attorney Answering Service. Busy Fresno attorneys may not have the time to answer their calls, but they recognize the importance of connecting with potential clients as soon as possible. Instead of referring callers to voicemail, our attorney answering service provides an excellent customer service experience that helps retain existing clients and makes a positive first impression on new ones.
  • Fresno Small Business Answering Service. While big companies have the capital to hire full-time customer service staff, most small businesses do not, placing them at a huge disadvantage. With our Fresno small business answering service, professional live operators can answer your business calls for a fraction of what it would cost to hire an employee. Better yet, we provide trained customer service professionals who can help improve relationships with your customers.
  • Fresno After-Hours Answering Service. What happens to your phone lines when your office closes for the day? You may miss out on new business if you utilize an after-hours recording or voicemail system. Many callers will simply try a different company instead of leaving a voicemail or calling back the next day. With after-hours answering services from CMS, you can avoid this situation and have all of your calls answered live after hours.

Unrivaled Call Center Experience

We have been providing communication outsourcing services for more than 50 years. First as a secretarial service, then as an answering service, CMS has evolved into a full-service call center serving a diverse range of clients. Though we aren’t located in Fresno, California, we can provide our reputable call center services to businesses anywhere in the world.

Call Center Services in Fresno, CA

  • Customer Service Outsourcing. Providing excellent customer service has its costs. Instead of blowing your budget on equipment and customer service staffing, why not utilize our Fresno customer service call center? By outsourcing a portion of your call volume to our customer service professionals, you can give your customers the level of service they expect without making drastic capital expenditures.
  • Help Desk Service. Our Fresno help desk service is the front line for Fresno businesses looking to provide live operator support. Configured with the information and resources your callers are looking for, our help desk service can provide essential telephone support and generate tickets on your customers’ behalf. Flexible scripting and message delivery options allow for easy call segmentation and distribution to the appropriate next level of support within your organization.
  • Fresno Small Business Call Center. While big companies have the capital to hire full-time customer service staff, most small businesses do not, placing them at a huge disadvantage. With our Fresno small business call center services, professional representatives can answer your business calls for a fraction of what it would cost to manage an internal call center. By partnering with CMS, your small business can maintain a polished, established presence and level the playing field with your larger competitors.

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