CMS is an award-winning provider of telephone answering services proudly serving Fullerton, California. Available 24/7/365, our Fullerton answering service provides trained staff to answer and handle calls per your instructions.

Affordable Fullerton Telephone Answering

Unlike hiring employees, our Fullerton answering service is incredibly affordable, allowing you to pay only for the time you use. Instead of paying a receptionist or overnight dispatcher by the hour, our service allows you to pay by the minute, accumulating charges only when our telephone receptionists are actively working on your behalf.

24/7/365 Telephone Support

CMS never sleeps. Holidays, weekends, after hours, during weather emergencies – our Fullerton answering service is always available. Whether you need a 24 hour emergency hotline or an after-hours dispatching unit, our constant availability ensures you’ll never lose touch with your customers or personnel, regardless of the circumstances.

Custom Built to Your Needs

All of our live Fullerton telephone answering services are custom built to your specifications. Everything from the way we answer your calls to how we deliver your messages can be configured to meet the needs of your organization. Our scripting is 100% customizable and message delivery options include email, SMS (text message), fax, voice, and website or work ticket integration.

Featured Fullerton Answering Services

Fullerton Medical Answering Service

Medical Doctor

Serving the healthcare community for more than 45 years, we are an experienced and trusted provider of medical answering services. Working with small physician practices and large hospital networks alike, our Fullerton, California medical answering services give offices the staffing they need to handle calls at all hours of the day.

Fullerton Attorney Answering Service

Judge gavel

From criminal defense attorneys to personal injury lawyers, our Fullerton, California attorney answering service is the perfect solution for legal practices looking to maintain professionalism while avoiding unnecessary costs. Instead of losing new clients to the competition, our 24-7 attorney answering service will ensure your firm is there to answer live every time.

Fullerton Small Business Answering Service

Small Business

If you are like many small businesses, you are short on cash and struggling to compete with larger competitors. By using our Fullerton small business answering service, you can establish a professional phone presence without the expense of hiring employees. When customers call, they’ll reach a friendly live operator who answers in your company’s name and acts as an extension of your office.

Fullerton After-Hours Answering Service

After business hours

Customers may be trying to reach you after your office closes. Instead of relying on voicemail and potentially losing those customers to the competition, Fullerton after-hours answering service from CMS ensures every call you receive is answered live. Our after-hours service can take messages, dispatch technicians, answer customer service inquiries, and perform various other tasks typically handled by your office staff.

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