We’re proud to offer our award-winning telephone answering services throughout Pomona, California. Available 24 hours per day, our Pomona answering service provides professional staff to answer and dispatch calls in the name of your business.

Affordable Pomona Answering Services

Our Pomona answering service is an affordable alternative to handling your calls in-house. By hiring staff to accommodate your telephone answering needs, you’re forced to pay for idle time and deal with the headache of managing employees. At CMS, we handle all of the personnel management and only bill you for the time you need.

24 Hour Live Answering

Our Pomona answering service is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Whether you need a night dispatcher to handle calls after hours or a daytime receptionist to relieve your busy office staff, we have the trained personnel available. With our service, you’ll no longer need to rely on voicemail or automated systems to pick up when you are unavailable.

Designed to Meet Your Needs

Our Pomona answering services are not “one-size-fits-all.” We understand that each organization has different communication needs and our services are designed to accommodate them. Whether you need certain calls routed to specific personnel, different instructions based on the time of day, or an intricate call distribution procedure for handling emergency concerns, our system can be configured to meet your needs.

Featured Pomona Answering Services

Pomona Medical Answering Service

Medical Doctor

Ideal for solo physicians and large practices alike, our Pomona medical answering service provides live operators to answer patient calls and filter them based on criteria that you put into place. Calls requiring immediate attention can be dispatched to the on-call doctor or emergency contact, while non-urgent matters can be held for the office or asked to call back at a later time.

Pomona Attorney Answering Service

Judge gavel

Our Pomona answering service for attorneys helps law practices make more money, reduce expenses, and maintain a professional appearance. Using highly trained operators, we answer calls 24-7 and ensure potential clients never have an opportunity to call a competitor. All calls are answered live in the name of your practice and delivered via your specific instructions.

Pomona Small Business Answering Service

Small Business

Our Pomona small business answering service is 100% customizable, perfect for any small business looking to have their phone lines answered professionally.

Small businesses can’t always afford to hire employees or a dedicated receptionist; with our answering services, they don’t have to.

Our staff works on their behalf, answering in the name of their business and working as a direct extension of their office.

Pomona After-Hours Answering Service

After business hours

Customers may be trying to reach you after your office closes. Instead of relying on voicemail and potentially losing those customers to the competition, Pomona after-hours answering service from CMS ensures every call you receive is answered live. Our after-hours service can take messages, dispatch technicians, answer customer service inquiries, and perform various other tasks typically handled by your office staff.

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