Tired of losing business after hours or spending money on excess staff? We’re here to help. In business for nearly five decades, we’re an award-winning provider of live answering services in Savannah, Georgia, available 24-7 to handle your calls and function as an extension of your organization.

24/7 Answering Service

Live agents available around the clock.

After-Hours Answering Service

No more missed opportunities.

Dispatching Service

Relaying calls to your personnel.

Emergency Answering Service

Making sure you’re prepared for the worst.

Order Taking Answering Service

Taking orders over the phone.

Overflow Answering Service

Helping you with the calls you can’t handle.

Small Business Answering Service

Letting you refocus on your business.

Virtual Receptionist

Working as an extension of your office.

Offer First-Class Customer Service

Customer service quality can make or break a business. If you take customer satisfaction to heart and commit to providing excellent service, you’ll reap the rewards that come with devoted, happy customers. If not, no savvy salesman or unique product offering can rescue you.

While the importance of customer service is undeniable, consistently delivering quality service can be a challenge. That’s where we come in. We work as the voice of companies worldwide, on standby 24/7 to offer kind, sympathetic support to their customers and personnel.

If assistance with telephone support and customer service is what led you to search for an answering service in Savannah, we can help. Though we don’t have a physical office in Savannah, our solutions are accessible worldwide.

Reduce Your Costs, Increase Profits

Staffing an internal answering service can be an expensive distraction. With Savannah answering services from CMS, we handle the training and staffing, and our agents only bill your account while actively working on your behalf. By eliminating the cost of hiring additional staff, you can avoid unnecessary headaches and improve your profitability.

24 Hour Savannah Answering Service

We provide 24-hour telephone answering services to businesses in Savannah, allowing them to remain available around the clock and take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way. With 24/7 answering services from CMS, you can avoid losing business to your competitors by ensuring every call is answered live. No more voicemail or impersonal automated systems.

Customized for Your Organization

Each aspect of our Savannah telephone answering service is personalized to meet the needs of your business. We can answer calls in the name of your company, use unique scripting based on the type of call or time of day, and deliver messages via email, text message (SMS), voice, fax, or an online portal. Whatever configuration works best for you, we can accommodate it.

Featured Savannah Answering Services

Medical Answering Service Savannah

Medical Doctor

Perfect for solo physicians and large practices alike, our Savannah medical answering service provides live operators to answer patient calls and filter them based on criteria that you put into place. Calls requiring immediate attention can be relayed to your on-call doctor or emergency contact, while non-urgent calls can be held for the office.

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Attorney Answering Service Savannah

Judge gavel

From defense attorneys to personal injury lawyers, our Savannah attorney answering service is the perfect solution for legal practices looking to maintain professionalism and availability without increasing overhead. Instead of losing new clients to the competition, our 24-7 attorney answering service will ensure your firm is there to answer live every time.

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Small Business Answering Service Savannah

Small Business

If you are like many small businesses, you are low on cash and fighting to compete with larger competitors. By utilizing our Savannah answering service for small businesses, you can establish a professional image without the expense of hiring employees. When customers call, they’ll reach a courteous live operator who answers in the name of your company and acts as an extension of your business.

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After-Hours Answering Service Savannah

Savannah After-Hours Answering Service Operator

Twenty-first-century consumers expect to reach companies 24 hours a day, not just during business hours. If your company isn’t available to take on new business after hours, you’re likely losing customers to the competition. Instead of losing this business, our Savannah after-hours answering service provides you with trained personnel to answer calls whenever your office is unavailable. Simply forward your lines to our answering service and we’ll answer on your behalf.

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Savannah Answering Service Coverage

Our live telephone answering services are available throughout Savannah and the 912 area code, including, but not limited to:

  • Pooler, Georgia telephone answering services

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