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Gere Jordan covers customer service, call centers, outsourcing, and other communication topics for CMS. His work has been featured in Yahoo! Small Business Advisor and numerous other publications.

Real Estate Investor Answering Service Case Study

CMS implemented a professional answering service and lead processing center for a Northeast real estate investor that helped him expand his operation. The Problem Scott was preparing to take his real estate investment business to the next level. His website was recently completed and his lead generation efforts were in place. Under the guidance of

Benefits of Real Estate Call Center Outsourcing from CMS

Curious about everything you gain by outsourcing your call volume to a real estate call center service provider like CMS? This page highlights the key benefits that make our real estate services valuable to professionals nationwide. Provide professional customer service When you partner with CMS, you gain access to your very own customer service department. In

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Sample Real Estate Investor Call Center Scripting

Below is our standard inbound call script for real estate investment accounts. All of our real estate investor call center scripting is 100% customizable, so this script is merely used as a starting point. Investors have the option to modify the script as necessary to meet their needs. Answering Phrase/Introduction The answering phrase is what

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Where will my calls be handled?

CMS has one call center located in downtown Columbus, Ohio. The majority of calls are handled at that facility. We do provide work at home opportunities for our employees, so a portion of our calls are handled remotely. However, none of our call volume is outsourced to another company and all calls are handled in

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Are there any setup fees?

Yes. There is a one-time setup fee for programming your account. Since the needs of our clients vary greatly, we are unable to provide a quotation for setup until the complexity and functionality of the account is determined. Most standard accounts are completed in under two hours with setup costs between $80-100.

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Can I use my own scripting and message delivery procedures?

Yes. All of our call center and answering service accounts are 100% customizable. Below are some standard elements that can be personalized: The way we greet callers The specific information we gather (which can vary depending on the nature of the call) The processes we follow to resolve specific issues (e.g. completing an order via

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Is there a long term contract?

CMS operates under a month-to-month agreement, with no long term contractual commitment. We only want you to stay as long as you are happy. Since we operate utilizing a month-to-month agreement, we do impose a 28-day cancellation policy. Billing on your account will cease 28 days after receiving written confirmation that you would like to

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What options do I have for receiving my messages?

All plans include unlimited email, text, fax and paging services. You may also access your messages via our online dashboard. Direct calls made to your staff are applied as live operator minutes, and will come out of the included time for your selected plan. Patching or live transfer services are also available, allowing CMS agents

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Can your call center integrate with our CRM or website?

Our call center has the ability to integrate with most CRM systems, website applications, and online forms. However, in order to ensure that we'll be able to provide the highest level of service to your company, we must first evaluate all outside systems to rule out any issues or concerns.

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