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Gere Jordan covers customer service, call centers, outsourcing, and other communication topics for CMS. His work has been featured in Yahoo! Small Business Advisor and numerous other publications.

Why is Customer Service So Important

Whether you sell cars or fix air conditioning units, without customers your business fails. Customers are the cornerstone of any company and its most valuable commodity. Good customer service not only improves your company’s public image; it pays off financially. The Multiplier Effect Customer service is a multiplying effect. When customers receive good service they

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Customer Service Basics

To develop any skill you need to begin with the basics. Great customer service starts with identifying integral aspects of intrapersonal skills. In other words, you need to understand how to communicate with people in order to get the desired result. Communication Is Key The foundation of customer service is communication. Your ability to accurately

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Presentation Counts for a Lot

How you look and act matters. It may not be fair that people judge you based on these factors but the fact remains they do. When meeting customers in person or talking to customers on the phone it is essential you know how to present yourself in a polite, professional manner. In Person Visual perception

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Building Relationships and Keeping Customers

Relationships are the cornerstone of any business. It’s no secret customers prefer to do business with companies they like and trust. They follow the advice of companies they like and buy products and services from companies they like. Relationships are especially important for contractors. Your customers invite you into their homes and into their businesses.

Customer Service Channels

In the 21st century the options for customer service go well beyond answering phones and meeting customers in person. E-Mail, SMS, and social media are all useful tools. However, like all tools, their usefulness is completely dependent on how they're used. The Internet is still an evolving piece of technology. People discover new and inventive

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Frustration, Failure, and Anger: How to Deal with Adverse Customer Service Scenarios

Even the best customer service will not eliminate difficult customers. Anyone who works in service industries can tell you, some customers are difficult. Customers are people and sometimes people have bad days, sometimes they get frustrated and sometimes they’re just jerks. Whatever the case, adverse customer service situations will inevitably crop up. You and your

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Customer Service Starts Internally

Your contracting business can spend an infinite amount of time and resources developing a customer service strategy and training your employees. It will all be useless, however, if you have poor internal customer service. To truly improve your customer service you need to first create a working culture of respect and fair treatment. Poorly treated

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Vital Skills for the Customer Service Industry

Whether you are a recent high school or college graduate trying to get your start in your career, a teenager thinking about your future or an older individual planning a reentry into the workforce, the customer service field offers a number of options. From front-line customer service reps to layers of managers and supervisors, there

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How to Handle Employee Complaints

Every business has its problems. Some of them are minor, like a broken coffee maker. Others can cause major problems within your company, like an abusive manager or a business process that costs thousands more than an alternative. As much as you may be in touch with your business, there is no way you are

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