About Richard Titus

Richard Titus is the Chief Strategy Officer at CMS. He has over 17 years of experience in the call center outsourcing industry. He has developed numerous Human Resource based call center solutions including Attendance Hotline, Ethics & Compliance Hotline, Shift Fill, and Mass Notification services. All HR services will save organizations significant money, maximize production, and protect from liability.

2021 Answering Service Buyer’s Guide

Choosing an answering service is an important decision for a business with a high volume of calls. You want to get it right.  Since the team would be handling direct communication with your customers, they must be professional, empathetic, and have a good knowledge of how your business works.  In this detailed guide, we’ve looked

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How to Create an Effective Employee Attendance Policy

Source: Page Up One-off employee absences in the workplace are inevitable and aren’t necessarily a problem. However, when employees fail to keep to your organization's work schedule, you need to address this. That’s where an employee attendance policy comes into play. A detailed and well-researched employee attendance document keeps your business running smoothly. It helps

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3 Ways to Reduce Medical Answering Service Mistakes

A common complaint we hear from healthcare organizations is that their medical answering service fails to follow instructions and that these mistakes are negatively impacting their practice.  This brief guide will outline three ways to reduce errors, mistakes, and other issues that may arise when working with your medical answering service.  1. Double check instructions

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What is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System?

Image Source: Top Resume These days, customers do not have time to wait or waste. When a customer calls, they want their inquiries or issues resolved as soon as possible. Many times, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with high call volumes without some help, and that’s where IVR software comes in.

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