CMS shift fill solutions help employers fill vacant shifts quickly and accurately. 

Fill Empty Shifts Fast 

Absenteeism and scheduling challenges aren’t going anywhere. CMS helps organizations limit their impact by automating routine shift fill functions, including shift callouts and intelligent backfilling. 

The moment an unfilled shift gets recorded through your call-off hotline, our system gets to work identifying and contacting potential replacements per your personalized rules and contact procedures. 

Automated Shift Callouts

Our automated shift callout system eliminates the need to have schedulers manually call replacements. Employees can choose how they receive vacant shift notices — interactive voice calls, text messages, email, or a combination of the three — and have adequate time to respond to shift offers. 

The shift callout process used to find potential replacements is 100% customizable, configured per your policies and compliance rules. 

With CMS, you can ensure that essential positions are never understaffed while cutting overtime and HR overhead. 

Automated Shift Fill and Backfill

Our clients have cited our automated backfill/shift-fill technology as a revolutionary innovation. We take your manual backfill process, often a time-consuming, error-prone, unpleasant, and costly process — and create an automated solution through our proprietary software and IVR system.

Features include: 

  • The ability to have company policies, union contract terms, schedules, and employee data input into our software. Our IVR follows your exact backfill process every time. It will not skip eligible employees, overstaff, understaff or delay filling vacancies.
  • Backfill fulfillment based on skillset, position, labor cost, seniority, work hour limits, schedule, number of employees, rotation, and any other criteria required to identify and prioritize potential replacements.
  • Our algorithm’s intelligent decision-making automatically ranks qualified employees and contacts them one at a time until filling the position, saving you hours and avoiding costly errors.
  • Immediate backfill for critical roles. If your facility has a position that cannot go unfulfilled, our backfill service will begin the process of filling a role the moment a call-off is received.
  • Online Dashboard to submit requests for open shifts and backfill.
  • A detailed audit trail allows you to identify who was contacted and when. All backfill records are stored securely in the cloud, so there will never be a question of whether an employee was skipped or offered an opportunity. You will never have to pay an employee that was supposed to be offered a chance at the shift but was not.

Improve Reporting and Eliminate Redundant Data Entry

Our system automatically keeps a historical record of each interaction for audit purposes. This record-keeping process provides complete transparency while reducing costs. We can also integrate your scheduling software or HRIS system to push and pull data and synchronize records. Custom integration eliminates redundant data entry or cumbersome batch transfers.  

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