Missed appointments are inconvenient for both you and your customers. Your business may incur additional costs in rescheduling meetings, deliveries and visits or miss revenue opportunities if customers do not show. An IVR-based automated appointment reminder service can reduce the risk of missed appointments by sending customers, patients and other contacts by sending voice or text messages at scheduled intervals. Appointment reminder systems are particularly important for hospitals and doctors’ surgeries or service organizations where punctuality is critical.

Automated Appointment Reminder System

Convenience for customers

By alerting customers or patients in advance, appointment reminder calls give recipients the opportunity to reschedule or make alternative arrangements if they can’t make the original time. This demonstrates a high level of customer care and improves convenience for customers. It also helps administrators to adjust schedules or arrange alternative bookings for the missed appointment, protecting revenue and maximizing use of resources.

Improving collaboration

Appointment reminder systems can help project teams simplify meeting management. This can be challenging when team members from different organizations or different time zones collaborate via web or audio conference. By sending automated reminders to team members, project managers can ensure meetings run to schedule with full attendance.

Managing field service teams

Sending automated appointment reminders helps sales and service managers make the most efficient use of their field teams. Managers can use the systems to send teams schedules or notifications of changes. They can also place appointment reminder calls to customers to ensure they are ready for the visit or meeting. Controlling and managing schedules helps eliminate unnecessary travel and makes the most productive use of field teams’ time.

Reducing costs

An appointment reminder system helps reduce the costs of managing appointments. Automated messages using simple SMS appointment reminders eliminate the costs of individual emails, phone calls or mailings. A web-based dashboard provides reports on message delivery and response, giving greater control over appointments and reducing the cost of follow-up calls.

Simple to install and operate

IVR appointment reminder software is cost-effective and easy to set up in an existing call center. Our support specialists can work with you to plan, customize and implement the applications you need, and integrate applications with your call center and appointment management software. Creating the reminder is easy, just schedule the appointment, enter the contact’s details and set the system to issue reminders at selected times.

One appointment reminder system, many uses

  • Patient appointment reminders
  • Service visit reminders
  • Service appointment reminders
  • Project team meeting reminders
  • Field service and sales team scheduling
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Supply chain scheduling

Powerful features

  • Custom scripting for personalized messages
  • Delivery by voice or text message
  • Software integration with calendars and databases
  • Secure communications for confidential appointments and compliance
  • Web-based dashboard for managing and reporting
  • Simple interaction for customer confirmation
  • Instant notification of confirmation or cancellation