CMS Auto Attendant automatically answers your calls and routes them to the correct phone number or extension without needing a live operator. In addition to transferring calls, an auto-attendant can give callers general information like your business hours or location. 

Example of a "Press 1" auto attendant and basic IVR system that says "Press 1 for billing, press 2 for help desk, and press 3 for sales"

How an Automated Attendant Works

An Auto Attendant is a phone system that greets and routes calls. These automated phone systems prevent callers from hanging up by providing a menu system (also called a phone tree) that helps them reach their desired destination. Common examples include directing callers to a different phone number, pre-recorded message, voicemail box, or specific people or departments in your organization. 

It handles inbound calls the same way a traditional receptionist would, only it never misses an important call or leaves someone waiting. 

Reduce Receptionist Costs

Auto Attendant is great for a business that needs receptionist services but doesn’t want to hire a live operator. The system reduces business costs by eliminating the expense of a full-time receptionist. 

Set up a voice menu and tell it what extensions to ring when calling your office. It’s a virtual phone system that you control but with nothing to buy, install, or maintain. Every call you receive gets answered professionally 24/7.

Combine with IVR, Live Agents, or Both

With CMS, you don’t have to choose between a simple automated attendant, an advanced interactive voice response (IVR) system, or live operators. We offer all three. 

This flexibility allows you to design a business phone system that meets your organization’s needs. 

You can utilize an auto attendant to greet and route calls or reduce costs when a live operator isn’t required. You can also combine services, using a basic auto-attendant to greet callers, IVR for self-service, and live operators for everything else. 

You determine the entire call flow. Our implementation team can create an inbound call-handling system that is 100% customized to meet your needs.  

Auto Attendant Features and Optional Add-ons

  • Answer incoming calls and welcome callers with a custom greeting/
  • Create extensions or set up a dial-by-name directory to route callers to the correct location. 
  • Deliver pre-recorded messages or general business announcements. 
  • Change greetings, recordings, and call flow based on the time of day or day of the week. For example, you may utilize one greeting and phone tree during office hours and another when you are closed. 
  • Callers can speak to a live operator with our answering services or call center solutions.  
  • Combine with IVR to create sophisticated call-handling systems that automate business processes, interact with existing systems, and more. 

Get Started with Auto-Attendant

Auto-attendant service from CMS will give your business a professional phone presence without the cost. View our plans & pricing to learn more.