Regular, targeted communication is an essential element of a marketing strategy focused on acquiring, retaining and growing your customer base. Frequent contact builds and strengthens customer relationships and helps increase long-term loyalty. It also opens opportunities to increase revenue, demonstrate high levels of customer care and maximize customer satisfaction. Using an IVR system to deliver automated customer notifications provides a cost-effective channel for delivering regular communications.


More choice for customers

The flexibility of IVR systems means you can deliver notifications in the form that your customers prefer. Some may choose the convenience of contact by customer text messaging on their mobiles, while others may prefer the more personal touch available from a customer voice broadcast service. Mass notification services give you the option of meeting individual customer preferences while benefiting from simpler, lower-cost automated systems.

Managing high volume communications

Handling high volumes of customer notifications in a busy call center can be extremely time consuming. It can also limit the time agents have available to handle more complex customer issues. Automating routine notifications improves call center productivity and ensures customers are fully informed. A customer voice blast, for example, can raise awareness of a new product or promotional offer, reinforcing the other elements of your marketing campaigns. Issuing scheduled service reminders by customer alert systems reduces the risk of missed appointments and maintains revenue.

Maintaining a consistent customer experience

The growing number of customer communication channels make it difficult to maintain a consistent quality of customer experience across the call center. Automating customer notifications helps maintain a level of consistency that is not possible when individual agents handle the work. Using recorded voice messages or standard text messages helps improve the customer experience and makes it easy to fine-tune content based on customer feedback or other results.

Reinforcing brand values

Providing a consistent customer experience through mass notification systems also reinforces brand values. Promotional messages, service alerts, courtesy calls, appointment reminders, follow-up surveys and status updates should feature consistent messages about your company.

Monitoring mass notifications

Scheduling and monitoring mass notifications is simple using a web-based dashboard that is integral to the IVR system. The dashboard makes it easy to schedule and automate customer notifications, reducing the risk of human error. The dashboard also provides data on message delivery and response for rapid analysis, reporting and action.

One mass notification system, many uses

  • Appointment reminders
  • Status updates
  • Courtesy calls
  • Service alerts
  • Loyalty programs
  • Marketing messages
  • Product announcements
  • Payment reminders
  • Delivery notifications
  • Order status updates
  • Travel notifications

Powerful features

  • Flexibility of voice broadcast or mass SMS messages
  • Record voice messages in browser or use computer generated IVR messages
  • Schedule messages in advance
  • Send to individuals or specific groups of customers
  • Web-based dashboard for message creation, tracking and reporting
  • Custom software and system integration
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