In an emergency situation one of the biggest factors that can determine a positive outcome and minimize damage is how quickly people are notified. Our online emergency alert system is the fastest and simplest way to contact your customers, staff, or students in an emergency.


Contact Thousands of People with the Click of a Button

Contacting your staff, customers, or students is as simple as:

  1. Logging into the website on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet
  2. Selecting the group contact list
  3. Entering your message

… and with the click of a button, your message will begin alerting your intended recipients via text message and telephone. Ensure everyone gets the information they need when and where they need it.

The Assurance You Need

Our online dashboard shows you the status and the success rate of your alert reaching the contact group. You’ll be able to see, in real-time, as your alert is delivered, and with optional verification, is read as your contact list acknowledges receipt. If you aren’t able to remain at your desk you can receive scheduled updates of alert delivery status via text messaging or e-mail.

For More than Emergencies

Although the original intent for our service was for emergency notification many of our clients have found exceptional value in utilizing our system to quickly and efficiently communicate news, promotions, and updates. Our service gets your important messages right in front of your customers. There is no faster way to connect with your customers, staff, or students.

Why Connect With Text Message Notification?

  • Text Messages arrive on average in less than 5 seconds
  • The average person checks their phone over 150 times per day
  • Low cost per transaction fee

Multiple Contact Methods

Text message (SMS) and voice broadcasting options give you the flexibility to send emergency alerts tailored to the situation at hand. Send short, frequent updates via text; use voice broadcasting to send step-by-step instructions or integrate an interactive phone tree with multiple options.

Combine both for a comprehensive communication system that helps reach everyone in times of emergency.

SMS Emergency Notification

Use mass text messaging (SMS) to send emergency notifications directly to mobile phones. Contacts receive your messages without accepting a phone call and can keep the message for future reference.

Emergency Voice Broadcast

Broadcast recorded messages and voice alerts in order to relay more detailed information or instructions. Enable press-1 capabilities to give your contact the option of speaking with a live representative. Update the recorded greeting on your inbound phone numbers so that callers receive the same information.

Feature Summary

  • Communicate with your entire contact list
  • Send messages immediately in real-time
  • Set recurring messages or schedule a series
  • Enable press-1 capability and integrate live agents

How It’s Used

  • School/campus emergency notification system
  • Employee emergency alert system

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