Interactive voice response (IVR) solutions from CMS can transform customer service in the call center and help deliver more intelligent, personalized, and cost-effective inbound and outbound telephone experiences

Beyond the traditional “press 1 for sales” messages and phone menus, the latest generation of IVR systems offers your callers a welcoming, convenient, and easy-to-use way of contacting and interacting with your business by phone. These solutions also present opportunities to automate business processes, improve services, and reduce the cost of call center operations.

IVR Solutions

What is Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephone system that callers can interact with using their voice or touch-tone keypad. From basic phone trees to advanced call handling, these computerized systems can interact with databases, capture information, intelligently route calls, automate processes, and augment the use of human call center agents.

When properly optimized with both the customer experience and business requirements in mind, modern IVR systems can provide superior customer experiences while helping businesses cut costs, increase scale, and improve efficiency.

Improve Customer Communication

An IVR-enabled call center improves communications with your customers and prospects, builds stronger relationships, and increases loyalty and retention.

With IVR in place, you can set up automated solutions for mass notifications by voice or text, appointment reminders, telephone surveys, and text marketing campaigns. The versatility and simplicity of IVR services mean you can customize applications in line with your customers’ needs and your business operations.

Increase Employee Productivity

You’ll enjoy important productivity benefits, freeing your agents to spend more time dealing with customers or making proactive sales or customer service calls.

This also helps reduce queuing time and increases your call-handling capacity without taking on additional agents.

With IVR’s sophisticated call routing, you can be confident your customers can reach the right contact quickly and easily, improving convenience and customer satisfaction. Adding self-service applications further improves convenience.

More Data and Better Reporting

The sophisticated reporting facilities of an IVR system make it easy to manage your call center resources more efficiently. A powerful dashboard gives you detailed insights into how your customers access and use different IVR-based services so you can fine-tune your systems in line with customer needs. You can also use the information to monitor agent workload and adjust your resources in line with peaks and troughs of demand.

Simple to Customize and Manage

IVR systems are cost-effective and easy to set up in an existing call center. Our support specialists can work with you to plan and implement your needed applications and integrate IVR with your CRM and call center software. Creating outbound messages is a simple three-step process. You select a “create” tab on the IVR menu, create your voice or text message, enter your customers’ contact data and you’re ready to run.

One IVR System, Many Uses

  • Automated telephone surveys
  • 24 x 7 self-service facilities
  • Convenient follow-up messages
  • Service reminders
  • Simple text communications with large groups of customers
  • Convenient appointment reminders
  • Notification of events
  • Automated status and payment alerts
  • Simplified emergency communications
  • Targeted or broadcast marketing messages
  • Employee communications and notifications

Powerful Features

  • Voice recognition to support speech-enabled menus
  • Web-based tracking and reporting dashboard
  • Call recording
  • Caller interaction options, including touch-tone and speech recognition
  • Text-to-speech capability
  • Integration with live answering service capabilities to provide an all in one call center solution
  • Auto-attendant and call routing
  • Integration with popular CRM systems and software