The CMS mass notification system makes it easy to communicate with precision. Quickly send voice, text, and email broadcasts to groups and individuals. Schedule broadcasts in advance, send them on-demand or use automation to trigger notifications based on events or a predetermined schedule. 

Mass Notification System from CMS

Keep Your Organization Connected

The delivery of certain messages can’t be left to chance. The ease and accuracy of communication are critical in times of crisis, and our mass notification and alert service is a quick and convenient way to keep information flowing through your organization regardless of the circumstances. 

Whether you’re notifying thousands of employees of an emergency plant closing or advising several office personnel of a security breach, it’s vital that the appropriate parties receive the information they need, when they need it. With our mass notification system, a single message can be transmitted across your entire organization at the click of a button.

One Way to Reach Everyone

As a unified communication system, a single message delivered from our mass notification service can be delivered via multiple channels, including SMS (text), email, and voice. Using multiple methods ensures each person receives your notifications in a timely manner. 

Target & Automate 

Automate reminders, broadcast voice recordings, manage emergency alerts, and more. Reach individuals across multiple communication channels including SMS (text), email, and voice. Send text and voice messages in real-time or schedule them in advance. Segment your audience by location, department, shift, role, and other parameters to ensure the right people receive each communication. 

Simple and Convenient

Managed online via a cloud-based dashboard, our mass notification system is easy to use and can be maintained by non-technical staff. From the online interface, users can draft and transmit messages, as well as maintain personnel databases and contact information. In addition, contacts can be filtered by department or location, and messages can be scheduled and set to repeat as needed.

Use Cases:


  • Scheduled and Real-time Broadcasts
  • Mass Text Message, Email, and Voice Broadcasting
  • Emergency and Routine Communication
  • Upload Contacts or Populate from Database Integration
  • Distribution Groups
  • Add Users/Passwords/Permissions
  • Custom Caller-ID and Callback Numbers (Ability to Have Message Play on Callback)
  • Two Way Communication and Connection Request (Request to connect based on message; e.g., ‘Press 1 to have your call connected to…’)
  • Recorded Messages, Uploaded Messages, or Text-to-Speech
  • Type and Save Broadcast Templates
  • Voicemail Detection


  • Text Notification
  • International Texts
  • Voice Upload or Text-to-Speech
  • Send Messages in Multiple Languages
  • Email

Message Options:

  • Name Broadcast – View Past Notifications and Templates
  • Quick Alerts/Preprogrammed Emergency Alerts (Message, Distribution Method, and Other Settings Saved for One Button Send)
  • Select recipients (groups can be created in the system or auto-generated based on database fields)
  • Target individuals, groups, tags, locations, map-based selection, routes, or all records
  • View, search, and edit options for each recipient group
  • Schedule date/time/hour
  • Immediate send
  • Select channels – text, voice, email
  • Set default channel
  • Use stored message templates
  • Setup repeat messages – schedule for the message to repeat based on calendar
  • Enter message; ability to add links, images
  • Upload recording
  • Language selections
  • Review before sending


  • Notification Archive
  • View Distribution Results
  • Dial Results – Answered and not answered
  • Two Way Messaging – Read receipts, responses to texts, calls, and emails
  • View Broadcasts – Active, Scheduled, Warnings 


  • Encrypted in Transit
  • PIN/Access code to listen to secure messages
  • Time-based notifications that expire

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