If you want to keep your customers or employees informed or notify them of important events, mass text messaging provides a simple, convenient, cost-effective method of reaching people on their mobile phones.

With mobile phone and smartphone adoption continuing to grow, SMS broadcasts provide a reliable way of communicating quickly with the highest proportion of your target audience. Research indicates that SMS messages have a very high opening rate. You can broadcast the same message to hundreds or thousands of people with one simple instruction.


Improve access and convenience for customers

Group text messaging gives your call center an additional channel of communication and ensures that customers can receive information in the most convenient way. Text messaging is unobtrusive and allows customers to store the information for future reference. Customers will appreciate outreach when the information is urgent, such as notification of an upcoming appointment, cancellation, overdue payment, or special offer.

Tailored text messaging

While mass SMS notifications offer the greatest cost advantages, you can use text broadcast facilities to target small or large groups, from a few dozen people to an audience of thousands, with content customized to each group. Our mass notification software allows you to automate and schedule text notifications that are easy to integrate with calendars or other scheduling software.

Powerful mobile marketing

Text messaging for business provides a flexible communication platform and a powerful mobile marketing and customer loyalty tool. You can use mass text notifications to send customers details of special promotional offers or new product announcements. Retailers can use location-based marketing techniques to target groups of customers and prospects close to their outlets with text marketing messages. Regular communication via SMS marketing is a cost-effective method of raising brand awareness and strengthening customer relationships.

Employee communications

Mass SMS notifications are an important employee communication channel. In an emergency, text broadcasts provide a fast, reliable method of maintaining contact when other methods of communication are impractical. That makes text broadcasts an essential component of a disaster recovery strategy. Bulk messaging is also useful for routine employee communications, such as notifying staff of special events, company achievements, policy changes, safety announcements, or new appointments.

Effective monitoring and control

IVR-based text broadcast systems incorporate facilities for managing and monitoring bulk messaging programs to give you greater control over your communications. The web-based dashboard can view outgoing messages, monitor delivery, and track responses and results.

Simple to install

Mass text messaging systems are cost-effective and easy to set up in an existing call center or as a standalone solution. Our support specialists can work with you to plan and implement your needed applications and integrate the text broadcast system with your address books, CRM, and call center software.

One text broadcast system, many uses

  • Marketing communications
  • Location-based marketing
  • Product announcements
  • Product recalls and safety announcements
  • Simple customer surveys
  • Employee communications
  • Cancellations
  • Schedule changes
  • Payment reminders

Powerful features

  • Send messages to everyone or specific groups
  • Create unlimited groups
  • Import contacts and address books
  • Automate and schedule messages
  • Customized messages
  • View sent and received messages to track response
  • Receive message reports
  • Web-based interface to create messages and monitor delivery
  • Support opt-in messaging and create “do not text” lists

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