Getting feedback from your customers is essential to improving your service quality. Using IVR’s powerful interactive capabilities, we can set up automated telephone surveys that are convenient for your customers and cost-effective for your business. You can use the IVR solution to conduct feedback surveys by phone, automate market research survey calls, set up polling systems, and more.


Consistent content

By using an automated telephone survey system, you can eliminate the inconsistency and quality issues associated with calls by individual agents. The survey calls provide customers with consistent questions and simple-to-follow response options. You can offer customers the option of responding by voice or an interactive keypad. Quality control and consistency mean that the results you obtain from your telesurvey calls will be more reliable, helping you make more accurate decisions.

Engage different audiences

The flexibility of IVR systems means you can create customized survey calls for different ages and demographics yet still enjoy the benefits of automation and consistency. You can set up survey phone calls for large groups with the same characteristics or develop specific content for small niche groups. The system can scale easily, making it possible to conduct an automated telephone survey with hundreds or thousands of customers without additional effort.

Rapid follow-up

Following up quickly after a sale, inquiry, service visit, or complaint can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Using an automated survey call, you can engage customers immediately while the initial call or event is fresh in their minds, increasing the opportunity to get feedback. After telephone sales or service visits, you can set up automated calls to ask customers how satisfied they were with the outcome. As well as demonstrating customer care, these calls provide valuable insight into customers’ perceptions of your service.

Results in real-time

To help you respond rapidly to the results of the survey calls, the IVR survey solution incorporates a web-based dashboard that provides detailed data in real time for analysis, reporting, and action. If survey results indicate a strong market opportunity, for example, or if they highlight potential problems, you can take immediate action.

Simple to configure and operate

IVR survey software is cost-effective and easy to set up in an existing call center. Our support specialists can work with you to plan, customize and implement the applications you need, and integrate survey applications with your call center software. You can create your voice or text questionnaire on the dashboard, select recipients’ contact details and offer the option of voice or keypad response.

One IVR telesurvey system, many uses:

  • Telephone surveys
  • Customer service follow-up
  • Post-sales follow-up
  • Courtesy calls
  • Market research surveys
  • Attitude surveys
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Conference feedback
  • Employee attitude surveys

Powerful features

  • Interactive dialogue makes it easy to respond
  • Can be configured to follow inbound calls or as outbound call
  • Target respondents by location, account status, or purchase
  • Voice recognition or touchtone (DTMF) input
  • Voice recording to capture voice of the customer or detailed feedback
  • Customizable
  • Web-based creation and reporting dashboard