Deliver pre-recorded phone messages and outbound interactive voice response (IVR) systems to your entire contact list or a small targeted group. Create alerts, reminders, surveys, and more, all completely personalized to your needs.


Call Every Contact for Less

Voice broadcasting is an efficient way to distribute or collect information by phone. There’s no costly equipment to buy, no call center staff to hire. Our web-based interface makes it easy to prepare your outbound call, placing all the tools you need to upload, record, or transcribe your audio right at your fingertips.

More than a Recorded Message

Take your automated phone calls to the next level with phone trees, IVRs, live transfers, and other options designed to engage and assist contacts once they pick up.

Don’t just play an advertisement, give customers the option to opt-in automatically. Provide detailed emergency instructions, and the option to get help from a live person.

Feature Summary

  • Custom recordings. Record, upload, or use text to speech playback.
  • Your contacts. Upload and import your existing contact list.
  • Scalable. Make one automated call or thousands.
  • Live transfer. Enable “press-1” capability to transfer callers to a live operator or extension.
  • Schedule calls. Reach your audience at the right time.
  • Do not call compliance. Allow opt-outs and comply with the FTC’s telemarketing rule.
  • Voicemail detection. Create separate recordings for humans and voicemail.

How It’s Used

  • Reminders and confirmations
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Emergency alerts and disaster instructions
  • Phone surveys
  • Fundraising

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