9 Reasons Every Physician Needs a Medical Answering Service

You give countless hours of care to your patients during the week, but your work doesn’t stop when your doors close. After business hours and during the weekend, your patients turn to the phone for

Continental Message Solution Expands Call Center Operation with New Las Vegas Facility

To better serve our growing global client base, Continental Message Solution (CMS) is thrilled to announce the opening of our new call center facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

By |October 28, 2016|

6 Money and Time Saving Reasons Your Business Needs An Attendance Tracking Service

This will not come as news to anyone in Management or HR, but employee attendance has become one of the greatest challenges to modern businesses. Not only does poor employee attendance crush your productivity, but

Is Your Medical Answering Service HIPAA Compliant? Find Out Now

Quality patient care is necessary for your healthcare practice to stand out from the rest. Your patients move at a very fast pace and are very tech-friendly, which means they expect the same from their

By |April 13, 2016|

Virtual Teams: 7 Ways to Fail

As a company institutionalizes virtual teams, it opens the door to new possibilities, including operational efficiencies that translate to dollars saved, and knowledge transfer that converts to competitive advantage. But benefits can be accompanied by

By |September 29, 2015|

Tips for Creating a Corporate Security Policy

Most small businesses disregard security as a critical IT factor until they get hacked or have a major security breach. It's understandable -- security is expensive and SMBs don't have the unlimited budgets of larger

By |September 22, 2015|