Outsourcing to a call center is one of the best ways for companies to quickly improve productivity, efficiency, and profits. In fact, many businesses can attribute their increased success to moving inbound customer service from in-house to one of these centers. Such an approach makes operations run more smoothly for both the business and their customers. Read on to discover how outsourcing to a customer contact center improves business.

1. Makes a Positive Impression on Customers

Most business owners recognize the fact that excellent customer service is vital to the success of their business. They know word-of-mouth advertising increases when customers are impressed with the quality of service. Dissatisfied customers are more likely to be very active in warning potential customers to stay away from a company.

Using a reputable call center is one way to ensure customers receive the best service. These centers are staffed with very talented customer service experts who can represent your business in a professional manner, helping to follow up and deliver on customer satisfaction guarantees.

2. Higher Call Volumes are Easily Managed

Many small to medium-sized companies experience a major loss of business after a sudden increase in customer volume simply because they were not prepared to handle the larger workload. People do not like to put on hold when they call a business.

Call centers are ever prepared to handle fluctuations in business volume and are less likely to suffer from an overload, providing customers with shorter waits over the phone. The result is a higher rate of customer retention, which can be the driving force behind business growth.

3. Frees Up Manpower for Other Projects

The majority of companies don’t maintain a staff dedicated solely to the handling of in-coming customer calls. They might train their team on how to provide excellent customer service over the phone, but answering calls can hinder employees from completing other important tasks.

Leaving the in-house staff to deal with inbound calls can result in a major breakdown in efficiency. Companies that utilize call center services get to reserve their in-house manpower for other areas of their operations, boosting productivity and profits.

4. No Need for Additional Employee Training

Employee training is a major business expense at many companies. Allowing call center personnel to handle customer care and sales calls saves businesses the funds and time that they would otherwise be required to devote to training employees on this aspect of operations.

The call center becomes responsible for providing their staff with training needed to care for the customers of their clients. For the businesses that outsource to these centers, this  can shorten the time span in which their new hires are able to get to work and increase the amount of time current employees spend on pertinent tasks.

5. Expands Reach Internationally

When conducting business internationally, consideration must be given as to the differences in time zones. Companies that use call center services are able to have agents available for their customers on an around-the-clock basis. This means that customers in any area across the globe are able to connect with the business at their own convenience.

For many businesses, offering this same measure of convenience without a call center is not feasible because of the heightened expense of running a 24-hour operation. Contact centers can handle any after-hours customer inquiries the business might receive.

The list of potential benefits to be had from outsourcing inbound calls to a customer contact center varies from company to company. There are many businesses that owe their impressive sales records, exponential growth, high customer satisfaction ratings, and lower operation costs to their decision to outsource to call centers instead of handling this aspect of their business on their own. Take some time to calculate just how much call center services can assist in improving your business.

Photo courtesy of Alan Clark on Flickr