Lawsuits are the very real boogie men of the business world. Over the past decade, companies faced with employee lawsuits paid an average of $40,000 for out-of-court settlements and $45,000 when cases went to trial. And, when employees have better cases than their employers, that figure can increase exponentially.

Currently, hourly workplace absenteeism in America is at approximately 9%, meaning that nearly 1 in 10 employees aren’t at work when they need to be. For employers, this means higher payroll costs, greater turnover rates, and potential legal troubles, especially when employees are terminated for inconsistent attendance.

As an employer, you know this is a major problem. Thankfully, there’s a solution, one so effective that we have never had a cancellation over our 25 years of business. With our attendance tracking hotline, you can protect your company and improve the absence rates within.

Employee absences and tardies are inevitable. Whether your office manager is late due to traffic or your top salesperson has to take medical leave, you can’t control when these issues will occur or how much they will affect your daily operations. What you can control, however, is how protected your company is against potential litigation.

With an attendance tracking hotline, you have the ability to protect your company from false claims, track your employee’s attendance, simplify your call-off process, and much more. From avoiding lawsuits to reducing downtime, this service offers priceless benefits to your company and staff. To see the benefits of using an attendance tracking hotline, read through the list we’ve created below.

1. Save Money

When dealing with employee absences, the biggest worries and potential costs come from employee lawsuits. Though many people respect you, your business, and the way you operate, you will undoubtedly hire employees who will take advantage of every loophole or error they find. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and other legislation were passed with good intentions, but they can also leave your company vulnerable. With the 100% irrefutable metrics kept by your answering service, you will always be prepared for any legal accusations or issues. All call recordings are automatically saved for 60 days, giving you access to the data you need, when you need it. These records will also help you identify any patterns of abuse within your system, helping you address inappropriate behaviors and avoid unnecessary employment costs. You can not only save time and money on potential legal costs, but also on lost productivity, records management, and organization morale.

2. Simplify the Process

All too often, when an employee calls in to report an absence or late arrival, this record is lost or misplaced. Whether it’s a missed call, an unwritten message, or a note that is accidentally thrown away, human error can disrupt even the best processes and open your company to potential legal trouble down the road. With an attendance tracking hotline, your employees can call one number, 24/7, 365 days a year, to report absences, tardies, and early departures. As a single point of contact that offers both live and automated solutions, this simplified process will guarantee an attendance tracking system that works for your employees and your business.

3. Maximize Productivity

If your employees have attendance questions, they go to your supervisors and HR staff. While attendance tasks may be part of their job descriptions, their time is often wasted on error-prone work and unnecessary questions. With your attendance tracking service, your employees can use an employee portal to view any attendance infractions, allowing your supervisors and HR personnel to focus on their more important responsibilities.

4. Reduce Downtime

Last-minute call offs can quickly destroy your company’s rhythm. As you and your staff frantically search for a replacement, your own work is neglected and a carefully planned day can become chaos. With an employee call-off hotline, any absences or tardies are communicated through your system to the right people. You and your staff will receive notifications within seconds of your employee’s call, giving you ample time to find backups and replacements before your workflow is affected. Your system will also send shift availability notices to all of your employees, further reducing downtime and simplifying the process.

5. Utilize Online Reporting

Once your employee hotline is active, you need to have access to data tracking, reports, and other important information. With your online reporting system, you can use your employer dashboard to access call recordings, reports, infraction times, caller ID, and infraction data for all past and current employees. Employees can use the employee portal to access their information and you can grant tiers of access to your supervisors and HR personnel for a more simplified attendance tracking process.

6. Customize a System that Works for You

The best systems are those that perfectly meet your needs. Our attendance tracking service is 100% customizable, giving you the opportunity to find the system that works best for your company. Choose from a variety of automated warnings, point tracking, and FMLA processes. You can use a standard reporting process, which includes employee, department, shift, and location reports, or create custom reports. You know what your system needs to fit best with your company, so use our custom features to get the most out of your hotline.

For more information on how an employee call-off hotline can work for your company, contact us online or at (800) 369-8908.