When considering outsourcing customer support, the choice between an onshore call center and an offshore call center carries significant implications for your business.

In this guide, we delve into the advantages and challenges of each option, examining aspects such as service quality, cost-effectiveness, language skills, and cultural familiarity. This will provide you with a comprehensive understanding to align your decision with your business goals.

What Is an Onshore Call Center?

An onshore call center is located within the United States, primarily serving domestic customers. These centers employ agents proficient in English, well-versed with American culture and business norms.

Pros and Cons of Onshore Call Centers


  • Language proficiency: Eliminates potential language barriers and assures clear communication.
  • Cultural familiarity: Agents are attuned to American cultural nuances, ensuring a more personalized service.
  • Regulatory compliance: Being under the same jurisdiction ensures adherence to local regulations and data security.
  • Enhanced brand perception: Offering local support often earns trust from customers. The familiar accent and cultural references can foster customer loyalty and bolster your brand image.


  • Higher costs: Labor costs are generally higher than offshore counterparts.
  • Scalability limitations: There might be a smaller pool of skilled labor available, especially in specialized industries.
  • Limited multilingual capabilities: While agents might be fluent in the domestic language, there may be limited proficiency in other languages.

What is an Offshore Call Center?

Offshore call centers are situated outside the United States, serving a global customer base. They typically offer multilingual services to cater to diverse audiences.

Pros and Cons of Offshore Call Centers


  • Cost-effective: Generally have more competitive rates.
  • Multilingual services: Enables businesses to cater to a global audience.
  • Scalability: Large talent pools in offshore locations can help businesses scale operations rapidly.
  • Diverse perspectives: Agents from various backgrounds can offer fresh perspectives and solutions.


  • Language and cultural barriers: Despite training, there might still be nuances that are missed or misunderstood.
  • Data security concerns: Different countries have varied regulations regarding data protection, potentially leading to vulnerabilities.
  • Potential for negative customer perception: Some customers might associate offshore support with reduced quality.
  • Management complexity: Managing an overseas team can introduce challenges related to cultural differences, communication, and training.

Are Offshore Call Centers Really Cheaper?

Offshore call centers in countries with lower labor costs can offer competitive pricing compared to their US-based counterparts. However, it’s important to note that cost should not be the sole determining factor when making outsourcing decisions.

Let’s explore the complexities of offshore call center costs and the potential impact on service quality and overall business success.

Factors Affecting Offshore Call Center Costs

  • Labor costs: Offshore call centers generally benefit from lower labor costs due to differences in wages and cost of living in their respective countries.
  • Infrastructure and overhead expenses: Offshore call centers may have lower infrastructure and overhead expenses compared to US-based call centers. Rent, utilities, and operational costs can be more affordable in certain countries, contributing to overall cost savings.
  • Currency exchange rates: When outsourcing to an offshore call center, currency exchange rates can affect the total cost. Fluctuations in exchange rates can impact the actual cost of the services, potentially leading to unexpected cost variations.
  • Additional expenses: While the base pricing may be lower for offshore call centers, there may be additional expenses to consider. These can include setup costs, training expenses, and potential fees for transferring knowledge and processes to the offshore team.

Balancing Cost and Service Quality

While offshore call centers may offer cost advantages, you have to carefully evaluate the potential impact on service quality and customer satisfaction. Poor service resulting from language barriers, cultural differences, or insufficient training can lead to customer dissatisfaction, increased customer churn, and, ultimately, lost business.

US Call Centers vs. International Call Centers Compared

Feature US Call Centers International Call Centers
Language proficiency Fluent English, cultural alignment Multilingual support, language variations
Cost-effectiveness Higher costs Potentially more cost-effective
Cultural alignment Deep understanding of American culture May require closer attention to cultural fit
Regulatory compliance Adherence to US regulations Considerations for compliance in each region
Scalability May have a smaller labor pool Large talent pools

Which Is Right for My Business?

Choosing between a US-based call center and an international call center depends on several factors specific to your business needs and objectives.

Consider the following questions:

  • Do you primarily serve customers within the United States or have a global customer base?
  • Are language proficiency and cultural alignment crucial for your customer support operations?
  • Do you require support coverage during non-US business hours?
  • How important is cost-effectiveness in your outsourcing strategy?

By evaluating these questions, you can determine whether a US-based or international call center is the right fit for your business.


The choice between onshore and offshore call centers is strategic and demands thorough consideration. Examine your needs, and this guide, to make an informed decision for optimal customer support.

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