As a company committed to providing our clients with the highest quality customer service available, attracting and retaining top talent is of critical importance. Because of this, we have developed an exciting new pay-for-performance model that will increase the base pay of our call center agents and reward them for meeting specific performance metrics.

The primary goal of the pay-for-performance model is to continue attracting quality talent in what has become a very competitive job market for customer service representatives. The change will also help retain existing personnel, to whom we attribute our growth and success. The vast majority of our management staff has been developed internally, and our wish is to continue that trend.

Although retaining quality personnel is important for any business, it’s especially important for CMS. Our people are our product, and companies hire us to provide professional customer service on their behalf. Without happy, talented, professional people showing up and doing their best, we wouldn’t be able to compete.

The first phase of our compensation overhaul will be a base pay increase for all of our frontline customer service reps. This increase will go into effect the end of this month. Besides better compensating our existing personnel for the work they do, this increase will also help us recruit and attract the staff we need to keep up with our growth.

In addition to the standard base pay, agents will have the ability to earn additional income based on their performance. There will be two primary factors that determine whether an agent earns the additional pay: attendance and performance metrics.

On the attendance side, we have set a standard that is reasonable enough to achieve while still allowing us to meet our desired service levels. In the call center business, calls offs have a significant impact on service quality as staffing is based upon call volume forecasts. If people aren’t showing up, fewer agents have to do more work, our hold time increases, and service quality suffers.

The performance metrics are a number of statistics monitored at the individual operator level. One such metric is quality assurance scoring, which is done for every agent several times per week. These evaluations help us ensure we’re adhering to the instructions put in place by our clients and maintaining the customer service standards we have developed internally.

Moving to this new model is a major transitional period for us, so we will be working with each agent individually to ensure they have the tools necessary to earn the additional incentive pay. In the event an agent does not meet the requirements, they’ll receive additional training and personal attention in an effort to get them up to speed. There will be a three month window for agents to improve and earn the performance increase.

Thus far, we have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on the change and look forward to having the new policy fully implemented. We’re all incredibly excited about this step in the right direction and are firmly committed to providing an unmatched call center outsourcing experience.