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This will not come as news to anyone in Management or HR, but employee attendance has become one of the greatest challenges to modern businesses. Not only does poor employee attendance crush your productivity, but it can also result in costly unemployment claims and grievances.

The government and unions always give the benefit of the doubt to the employee. Without proper documentation, you will lose unemployment disputes. You will end up getting caught in multiple appeals and waste your organization’s time and resources. You will be required to prove that a termination was justifiable and that the employee received proper notification of performance issues.

Failure to track employee attendance can also lead to breaking numerous laws like the FMLA. This puts your employees in a commanding position to file a lawsuit and damage your company.

Fortunately, there are systems that make it easier to manage employee attendance tracking

What is an Employee Call-Off System?

An employee call-off system is a call service for your employees to utilize when they need to call-off work sick or take time off for any other reason. These third-party services provide a single call-off method to employees, provide management with immediate notification of absences to reduce lost revenue, and provide HR with on-demand attendance reporting for grievances and unemployment claims.

Every attendance call is made to the same phone number and the data is reported in a centralized dashboard. Notifications and other attendance related workflows like shift backfill, FMLA tracking, point tracking, and other HR processes can be automated by the call-off system. Integration with HR software systems can eliminate redundant data-entry tasks.

By providing a standardized, centralized system for managing call-off data, these systems help you protect your organization from lawsuits and employment disputes. 

Benefits of Employee Call-Off Systems

It’s crucial to keep track of your employee attendance. Employee call-off systems make it easy. Here are 5 benefits you will experience by implementing a call-off system for your organization. 

1.) Save Time & Money

Tracking attendance is costly and time-consuming. It is a full-time job. With an employee call-off system, many of the processes associated with managing employee call-offs and attendance related reporting are automated. Call-offs are automatically recorded, data is available at your fingertips, notifications are sent to the right people, and the system can even assist with FMLA tracking or with the administration of your attendance point system. This automation nearly eliminates the entire attendance tracking process, freeing up your managers and HR staff to focus on other priorities.

2.) Maintain Irrefutable, Actionable Attendance Data

A 3rd party organization that tracks attendance will provide your company with 100% irrefutable attendance data. For each incoming call, you’ll have the exact time as to when the employee initially called to report. This alleviates any questions as to “when” the employee called. Additionally, you’ll receive a reason for the call-off, whether it was related to FMLA, department, location, and estimated return.

This data can be used during an employee grievance or unemployment claim regarding attendance infractions. The data will show any attendance violations committed by your employees. This makes it impossible for them to deny making these breaches.

Time and attendance systems can also help provide a history of your employee’s attendance infractions. An individual will be tracked starting on their first day of employment. By doing this, it’s easy to spot patterns of abuse and trends in certain staff members.

3.) Reduce Downtime and Reduce Losses

If any infractions occur, they will be communicated instantly. All the necessary personnel will be notified as soon as an employee is absent at the conclusion of the phone call via text, email, or online. Your supervisors and managers will no longer be waiting around wondering if an employee will be showing up for work. Instead, they’ll be able to immediately begin seeking coverage to reduce production downtime in your organization.

Some attendance tracking services even provide automated shift-fill. This software reviews employee details and will begin reaching out to appropriate personnel to find a replacement.

4.) Simplify & Standardize Call-Off Processes

There will no longer be confusion amongst your employees as to whom they report call-offs. Is it the front-desk, their supervisor, or HR? With a call-off hotline, your employees will always call the same phone number and be asked the same questions regarding their absence. They will have the peace of mind knowing this information will be provided to the correct person. Also, since the call-off process is through a third-party organization, you no longer have to worry about co-worker bias. With this system, human error is prevented and your company receives accurate information.

5.) Automate Warnings, Point Tracking, and More

Through a carefully designed custom software solution, an attendance tracking service will be able to build your organizational processes into the call-off process. The system will track points and notify the supervisor and warnings to the employee. You no longer have to worry about a warning being issued or an employee not understanding their points.

Employee Call-Off Systems from CMS

Over the past 25 years, our call-off hotlines have been refined through many requests and ideas from our professional HR and management partners. During these years, we have served thousands of HR professionals and hundreds of thousands of personnel. We stand by the fact that this service will transform your organization. If you’d like more information about time and attendance systems and employee hotlines, please contact us.

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