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Curious about everything you gain by outsourcing your call volume to a real estate call center service provider like CMS? This page highlights the key benefits that make our real estate services valuable to professionals nationwide.

Provide professional customer service

When you partner with CMS, you gain access to your very own customer service department. In an industry where relationships and trust are paramount, providing a professional customer service experience gives you the edge.

Save money without sacrificing quality

Having CMS function as your real estate call answering service allows you to maintain a professional appearance without increasing costs. Our outsourcing services are available for a fraction of what you would pay an employee.

Maintain 24-hour availability

Do you wish you could be available around the clock to take calls and land new business? With our 24-7 real estate call center services, you can do just that. We’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to answer live in the name of your office.

Gain freedom and flexibility

Because we’re available 24 hours a day, we give you the freedom to step away from your office or cell phone without losing access to your clients. Real estate call outsourcing from CMS gives you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy life and quit worrying about your business.

Receive notifications any way that you like

Whenever we take a message or process a call on your behalf, we can deliver a notification via email, text message, fax, phone call, or our web portal. We can even integrate directly with your website or CRM system. With CMS, your call center activity is available at your fingertips.

Improve your efficiency and productivity

We can do way more than just take messages on your behalf. Our real estate call center services can integrate with your existing systems and databases to process leads, schedule showings, provide rental information, and more.

Customize services to meet your needs

The ultimate benefit of utilizing CMS is the ability to customize our call center services to meet your needs. When we answer, how we answer, and what we do on the phone with your callers is 100% up to you.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today or call 1-800-369-8908 to speak with our sales team about putting real estate call center outsourcing services to work for your business.

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