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CMS Announces COVID-19 Answering Service Discount Programs for Small Businesses, Medical Companies, & Essential Businesses

A leading U.S. based provider of live answering services, automated IVR solutions, and custom software solutions, CMS, is announcing two new programs designed to assist small businesses, healthcare companies, and essential businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.

The new programs provide significant cost savings to businesses in need of live telephone answering services, mass notifications, and other call center solutions including attendance hotlines/call-off services, customer service, and after-hours support. These valuable solutions help businesses stay connected to their customers and employees around-the-clock. 

“As a US based 24/7 call center fielding millions of calls for thousands of businesses nationwide, we have witnessed the impact of the pandemic first hand,” said Richard Titus, CMS Chief Strategy Officer. “We have the benefit of having a remote workforce and our organization is able to operate without exposing our staff to the coronavirus.  We know that most Medical organizations, essential services, and small businesses do not have this ability and we are offering these discounts to say thank you for your hard work and putting yourself at risk to protect the health of the public.  We have to come together during this unprecedented time, and we want to do our part by giving back and making it easier for businesses to maintain their operations and deliver essential communication services.”

The available discount programs include:

15% Medical & Essential Businesses New Services Discount

CMS would like to say thank you to those on the frontline of this pandemic working diligently to ensure our safety by offering a 15% discount on new services through the remainder of 2020.   

We partner with over 1200 medical entities nationwide, are fully HIPAA compliant, and provide 100% custom communication solutions that ensure calls from your patients, physicians, and facilities are handled properly.  We know that sleep is at a premium for our Medical Providers and with our scripted filtering and intake protocols we can ensure that your staff will only be contacted regarding calls that meet your unique dispatch criteria. 

Small Business Pandemic Relief Program 

CMS is proud to offer two new discounted plans to small businesses that represent an almost 25% savings with plans starting as low as $50.00.  These services allow small businesses to continue to communicate with their current and potential customers around the clock and keep their business operating by not missing opportunities to work with new and current customers.    

For over 53 years CMS has had the privilege to work with thousands of small businesses nationwide. We recognize that these businesses are the lifeline of the U.S. economy and without them we would not be where we are today. In these unprecedented times, we know that we need to work together more than ever to ensure that as many businesses as possible survive the pandemic. With our diverse range of services we are in a unique position to help organizations keep employment rates high, cut business costs, and allow staff to focus on core duties. 

How To Get Started

If you have any questions regarding our company or services and would like to discuss what CMS can do for you, please do not hesitate to reach out.  We are here to help. You may reach us by phone at (877) 773-9998 or click the button below to contact sales and discuss the account setup process. 

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