The #metoo movement has opened the world’s eyes to harassment in the workplace. Daily we are seeing new stories about celebrities and famous personalities that are being accused of harassment. Many of these stories are being taken directly to media because the victim did not have a method to safely report harassment without fear of retaliation.

An anonymous sexual harassment hotline provided by a third-party is the only way to provide your employees with a safe means to report harassment and other behavior such as fraud and theft that can seriously damage your organization.

By having a hotline you are showing your employees that you expect them to report behaviors like harassment. In the event of a lawsuit, you can demonstrate that you have systems in place to protect employees in the event of a lawsuit.

Do not fear reports of harassment. It is more important both economically and ethically to fear that someone will NOT report harassment in the workplace. That is because the effects of silencing – either intentionally or unintentionally – sexual harassment can create far greater problems.

Why it is Beneficial to Encourage Reporting of Sexual Harassment Claims

Many businesses worry that a claim of sexual harassment will hurt their organization’s reputation. But not allowing such claims can create challenges that are far worse. There are many reasons to consider policies that encourage sexual harassment claims, including:

  • Preventing Escalation – Sexual misconduct itself is already damaging. But without repercussions, that misconduct can continue and/or escalate, leading to the potential for worse behaviors and events that may have far more impact on your organization’s reputation.
  • More Effective Protocols – If misconduct occurs, your company can more easily create protocols to manage next steps, prepare any PR, and address the problem proactively. If the company does not have a strong whistleblowing system in place, like an anonymous sexual harassment hotline, reporting may still occur in a way the company cannot prepare for or address.
  • Driving Company Culture – When employees feel free to report sexual misconduct, it helps prevent a company culture that accepts sexual harassment, and it creates a new company culture that encourages more respectful behavior.

These benefits are in addition to the ethical, moral, and legal reasons to consider instituting policies that protect employees from sexual harassment. With an anonymous sexual harassment hotline from Continental Message Solution, you are also able to protect employees from retaliation – something that may also have benefits for your reputation.

Contact CMS Today to Set Up a Secure Third Party Hotline

Companies should not fear sexual harassment reports. Instead, there are numerous financial reasons to encourage employees to speak out. Outsourcing your sexual harassment hotline provides anonymity that encourages more reports, and makes it easier for you to monitor and manage the culture of the workplace. If you are interested in setting up a hotline, contact CMS today at 1-800-369-8908 or view our pricing online.