This is a guest post from Becky Kate of Legal Brand Marketing

Attorneys, have you ever been in touch with a potential referral but just can’t seem to close the deal? Why did this referral end up choosing the lawyer down the street and not you?

Anyone can tell you that we all have our highs and our lows. Some months you may take on a lot of clients and some months you may be struggling to convert just one referral. However, there are certain tactics you can utilize as part of your sales process to improve your chances of growing your client base.

Become a Problem Solver.

Listening is key when it comes to converting a referral. It is understandable that you have handled clients with similar legal problems in the past. However, taking the time to listen to the caller and empathizing with their situation can help you gain his or her trust.

By utilizing the unique details of the caller’s situation, you can create a scenario of how you would go about handling their case. This is how you can sell yourself. Yes, you can talk about your credentials as well as where you went to law school and your memberships in different organizations. However, it is important to remember to focus on the caller’s situation. Mention details about how your background and experience will be an asset to a client’s case. This is how you can sell yourself.

Create a Sense of Urgency.

This tip is probably more useful for criminal attorneys, but creating a sense of urgency can convince a potential client that he or she needs to make a decision and hire an attorney fast. You certainly don’t want to make a caller panic. However, you don’t want them to stay on the fence about seeking legal help. Remind a caller that things can get a lot worse for themselves if they continue to hold off hiring an attorney. Describe the consequences of not acting fast and then describe the benefits of utilizing your services as their attorney.

Sell Hope.

You should emphasize that you are not the same as every other attorney. You’re selling your experience and skills in the form of hope. A potential client wants you to help them get their life back in order. You need to showcase yourself as the best person for the job. You should show that you care about your client and will take your job seriously. You are an attorney who wants their clients to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Because many people turn to the internet to find an attorney, searching for a lawyer has become more equivalent to online shopping. You need to show a potential client that you’re different from the other attorneys out there. By standing out from the crowd and showcasing your talents, you will begin to see your client base grow.