Business growth poses many challenges, something we learned first hand when we expanded our facility.

More business necessitated more space

For many years, we happily occupied the second floor of our three story building. As we continued to grow, the need for more space became a priority, so we began leasing half of the first floor and moved our call center staff downstairs.

Beyond the obvious changes – personnel being spread across two floors – we didn’t foresee any issues with the expansion, especially in regards to communication (it’s what we do, after all). Phones and email were there to keep everyone connected, and when required, making the short hike upstairs for meetings was no big deal.

More space created unexpected headaches

As it turned out, this small change had a number of unintended consequences, and we quickly realized problems stemming from the expansion. We had separated the bulk of our operations staff from our Client Services staff, and things just weren’t running as smoothly as they had in the past.

Our operations staff is responsible for handling all incoming calls on behalf of our clients. They’re on the front lines. Client Services is responsible for facilitating communication between our clients and operations. They ensure each account is setup to best serve the client and ensure that operations has the information they need to process calls per client specifications. Strong communication between these departments is vital.

When that communication started to falter, it was back to the drawing board.

A little remodeling brought everyone together again

After brainstorming and examining the situation, we determined the easiest fix was to do a bit of remodeling and maximize use of our new space. We reengineered the downstairs work area to include room for our Client Services staff so that they could once again work alongside Operations. 

The benefits have been overwhelming. Our agents are surrounded by knowledgeable senior staff, and our supervisory team and Client Services personnel work face to face to resolve issues on the spot.

Our employees are closer to solutions and better equipped to assist our clients and their customers. With a few tweaks, we have boosted morale companywide, put our frontline staff closer to solutions, and cut resolution time drastically. (We also made some aesthetic changes upstairs and rearranged some other departments.)

Ultimately this means better service for our clients. Growth is a learning experience and it’s tough to get things right on the first try, but we found a way to make everything work. We just had to focus on what helped us succeed in the first place.

Remember, CMS has an open door policy, so if you are local to the Columbus area please feel free to stop by and check out the new space!