CMS is proud to introduce our latest innovation, a client dashboard that aids in the monitoring of customer interactions and personnel productivity. From an easy to navigate graphical interface, this new management information system provides clients with real-time access to crucial business data from the call center.

The dashboard is available to all CMS clients at no additional cost and can be implemented on your account in a matter of minutes.  The dashboard is accessible 24/7 and can run in the background of your computer, providing notifications when there is activity on your account.

From the homepage you can view current data or select a custom data range and view previous week’s messages and volume metrics.  All of this information is sortable by location and department.

In addition to standard reports, all records are in SQL and custom quantitative and qualitative reports can be generated upon request.

Clientele can utilize the dashboard to successfully:

  • Analyze and manage your customer’s call interactions
  • Track key performance indicators to verify service level compliance and on-call personnel performance
  • Discover opportunities by reviewing call histories to identify prospects and customer trends
  • Analyze call traffic and patterns
  • Review call origination to determine region or market success
  • Manage, and assign client calls and review your personnel’s response

Dashboard Features:

Call Center Client DashboardReal Time Message Records

Quickly access and manage your messages. Messages appear in real-time and if you are logged into the dashboard a pop-up note will appear when a new message is entered into the system. You will have the ability to review these calls, bookmark a message, set a reminder, add details, and export the record.

Hourly Call Volume Report

Call volume based on the time of day. You can easily determine what times you receive the most call volume and staff on-call personnel accordingly.

Daily Call Volume Report

Call volume based upon days of the week. You can easily determine what days you receive the most call volume and staff on-call personnel accordingly.

Call Categorization Reports

Call volume based on the type of calls  you are receiving.

Call Origination ReportCall Origination Report

Review your calls based upon caller location. This a great report to review to see what part of the country is the most responsive to your marketing or services.

Call History/Message Report

This is a wildcard report that allows you to search all of your messages.  You have the ability to search by date, time, account, caller name, caller ID, and any other information we receive from your callers.  All of the messages details including on-call personnel responses are included on this report.  In addition you also have the ability to print, e-mail, or bookmark individual messages for future review.

For more information on the dashboard or to sign up please email or call your account representative at 1.800.369.8908.

At CMS, adding value to the day to day services we provide you is a top priority. If you have any feedback regarding the client dashboard or would like to see any additional reporting and metrics please reply to