COVID-19 is here to stay, and it’s changed how we work for good. The HR teams who’ve grappled with shutdowns and coordinated employee quarantines understand that we need new tools for this new era. 

One of the most important tools employers need right now is employee vaccination tracking software. To meet this need, CMS has developed an all-in-one employee COVID-19 testing and vaccination tracking software. With CMS, companies can reduce what became a full-time responsibility earlier this year to a completely automated process that takes just 3 minutes.

Employers Need Vaccination Tracking Software

Since hitting the United States in early 2020, COVID-19 has forced millions of employees across the nation to leave work. To get employees back, HR departments had to create emergency testing and quarantine policies from scratch. Many companies were forced to dedicate at minimum one FTE employee solely to COVID-19 employee testing and contact tracing. 

Now, a year later, companies have an additional responsibility: compliance with vaccine mandates. To make returning to work more complicated, many of these mandates are either in flux or caught up in litigation, making the vaccine compliance playing field pretty uneven.

The fate of vaccine mandates, especially the federal mandate, is unclear. What is clear, is that without software, COVID-19 testing and vaccination tracking is a full-time job—one that’s overwhelming HR teams.

CMS Employee Tracking Software is an All-in-One Solution

With CMS’s all-in-one software you can: 

  • track employee vaccine status, 
  • track employee testing and testing results, and 
  • process COVID-19 reasonable accommodation requests. 

Fully Customizable Tracking

Most importantly, CMS’s all-in-one solution is customizable. At CMS, we understand that not every mandate is the same, which means that compliance requirements won’t be either. 

CMS’s agile design leaves room for compliance variations. Fields can be changed depending on whether vaccination cards are required or if other proof of vaccination is allowed, which weekly testing alternatives are available, and other factors.

Just 3 Steps in 3 Minutes

Staff can record their compliance status in just three steps: 

  1. Login. Employees will log in from their phones using their company ID.
  2. Read the instructions. Instructions will explain the reporting process. 
  3. Fill the form. CMS will prompt employees with a simple form where they can upload documentation, including test or vaccination records, using their phone camera.

Once submitted, HR can accept or deny the photo and upload the employee’s vaccine report card to their employee profile. If CMS is integrated with the company HRIS software, the employee’s vaccination information or negative test result will be uploaded to the company’s records.

CMS Testing and Vaccination Tracking Software Features 

CMS tracking software has every feature you need to maintain an efficient vaccination and testing program. 

Customized Dashboard 

CMS’s dashboard is fully customizable allowing you to create a fully branded website. This way, employees can recognize when they’re on the right page. Add company policies and forms customized to regional vaccine mandates. 

Responsive Mobile Friendly Website

Employees can comply with vaccinate-or-test mandates and even submit reasonable accommodation requests from their smartphones or tablets. CMS’s software includes a responsive website design that adjusts to the user’s device.

Automated Reminders

With CMS’s email and text capabilities, you can remind employees who aren’t in compliance with your vaccination or testing requirements. 

COVID-19 vaccinations now include boosters, meaning that fully vaccinated employees will likely need to renew compliance periodically. Our automated reminders can also be scheduled to inform employees when booster records are needed. 

Employee Privacy

Although employees can be required to report vaccinations to their employer, these records are still confidential. Every CMS custom dashboard is an SSL secured website, meaning all links are encrypted to protect employees using the portal.

No More Tedious Data Entry

CMS employee immunization tracking software has API integration capabilities to connect to your HRMS/HRIS software. CMS also has Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) capabilities so that you can safely transfer large files containing employee data.

CMS Automates Employee COVID-19 Testing and Quarantines 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) ETS mandate will require employees to either vaccinate or submit to COVID-19 testing on a weekly basis. CMS test tracking solution automates the entire process, from managing employee testing and contact tracing and quarantine.

CMS COVID-19 Testing Software Features

  • Testing reminders. Send out automated testing reminders.
  • Upload test results. Employees can upload both positive and negative test results. 
  • Manage positive test results. Send positive test result notifications to designated emails, like HR and direct supervisors.
  • Manage quarantine periods and return-to-work. Schedule reminders to inform employees of quarantine periods and manage return-to-work procedures.

Process Employee Accommodations

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA), and state equivalents require companies to provide qualifying employees with reasonable accommodations. These requirements still apply to companies implementing vaccine and testing mandates. Employees may make accommodation requests related to your COVID-19 policies.

Through CMS’s tracking software, employees can make requests, upload necessary documents and complete the accommodation request form. HR can then communicate via email or text with the employee to complete the process.

Learn More About Immunization Tracking Software from CMS

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