Providing professional outsourcing services to businesses nationwide, CMS is proud to offer California call center services to organizations looking to lower their costs without sacrificing customer service quality.

Benefit from Our Experience

By working with CMS to configure a California call center service that meets the needs of your customers, you can reap the benefits of improved customer satisfaction without negatively impacting your bottom line. Providing outsourcing services nationwide for more than forty-five years, we have the knowledge and experience that you can stake your business on.

24-7 Call Center Services

Instead of providing sub-par service or relying on impersonal systems such as voicemail or automated attendants, California call center outsourcing from CMS allows your organization to provide live operator telephone support 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. With CMS, you can expand your operating hours and do business around the clock.

An Extension of Your Business

When providing call center services on behalf of your company, our goal is to function as an extension of your business. From the way we answer calls to the processes we follow to reach a resolution, everything is designed to mirror your existing operation. This seamless integration produces a consistent customer experience and ensures your callers always receive the level of service that they expect.

California Customer Service Outsourcing

Customer Service Agent

You can achieve superior customer satisfaction without breaking the bank. By utilizing our call center to provide support on your behalf, you can keep your customers happy and avoid the expense of managing an internal call center. Our highly trained customer service representatives work diligently as an extension of your organization and ensure every call made to your business is a pleasant one.

California Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

BPO Team

With our California business process outsourcing (BPO) services, your business activities are performed in our state of the art call center environment. Processes such as appointment scheduling, telephone order support, event and seminar registration, and appointment reminder calls are all critical to your business, but they are repetitive and easily outsourced to a professional BPO call center. By outsourcing a portion of your business processes to CMS, you can reap the benefits of improved profitability while simultaneously freeing up internal resources.

California Small Business Call Center

Small Business Owner at Work

If you are like most small businesses, you are short on cash and struggling to compete with your larger competitors. By using our California small business call center solutions, you can establish a professional phone presence without the expense of hiring employees. When customers call, they’ll reach a friendly live operator who answers in the name of your company and acts as a member of your customer service department.

California Call Center Services by City