Looking for Augusta call center services? We can help. Located in the Midwest and serving clients across the country, we are proud to offer our full suite of call center outsourcing solutions to businesses in the Augusta, Georgia area.

Appointment Scheduling

A full calendar without the distractions.

Appointment Reminders

No more missed appointments.

Business Process Outsourcing

Your business processes at a lower cost.

Call-Off Lines

Record and track employee attendance.

Customer Service

Courteous and friendly customer service.

Help Desk

An affordable first line of support.

Order Taking

Helping your customers place orders.


Professional, customized voicemail boxes.

Outsourcing Made Easy

Setting up a call center does not have to be a nerve racking experience. You don’t have to worry about hiring employees, setting up equipment, or stealing resources from other pressing projects. You also don’t have to send your business offshore.

At CMS, we offer a fully managed call center experience, handling everything from technology to staffing. Instead of setting up your own Augusta call center or dealing with the frustration of outsourcing to a foreign company, we handle all of your call center needs from a single Midwest location. From right here in the US, we can work as the voice of your organization and deliver a wide range of custom call center solutions.

Benefit from Our Expertise

By partnering with CMS to establish a Augusta call center service that meets the needs of your customers, you can reap the benefits of improved customer satisfaction without negatively impacting your bottom line. Providing outsourcing services worldwide for more than forty-five years, we have the knowledge and experience that you can stake your business on.

We may not have a call center located in Augusta, Georgia, but that doesn’t mean we can’t provide service there. Thanks to leading technology, our call center solutions are available to businesses across the globe.

Maintain Availability 24/7

All of the call center services we provide in Augusta, Georgia are available 24 hours a day. Whether you need us on the weekends or during a local weather emergency, we always have courteous, attentive agents ready to handle your calls. Located in a secure Midwest facility with back-up power and redundant systems, we are consistently available and never experience downtime.

Designed to Meet Your Needs

Our Augusta call center services are not recycled from one client to the next. We understand that every organization has different communication needs and our services are designed to accommodate them. Whether you need calls filtered and delivered to specific departments, different instructions based on the time of day, or an intricate call dispatching procedure for handling urgent situations, our system can be configured to meet your needs.

Customer Service Call Center Augusta

Customer Service Agent

Augusta customer service outsourcing from CMS provides professional staff to answer customer service inquiries on your behalf. Instead of running an internal customer service department, you can take advantage of our resources and provide superior service at a fraction of the cost. All of our customer service representatives receive intense training and are skilled at assisting customers as an extension of your business.

Overflow Call Center Augusta

Overflow Call Center Agents

When you are experiencing more calls than you can handle, our overflow call center can step in to help out. Using common “call forwarding no answer” functionality, your existing phone number can be setup to forward to our call center in the event there is no answer after a predetermined number of rings, allowing callers to reach a live person instead of hanging up or waiting for the next available operator.

After-Hours Call Center Augusta

After-Hours Clock

Your business may close at 5pm, but some things can’t wait until you reopen. With our Augusta after-hours call center, your organization can stay available 24/7, ready to assist customers or take on new business at any time. Whether you’re a plumber who accepts emergency calls or an e-commerce company that needs to accept orders over the phone, our after-hours call center can provide the tools you need to better serve your customers.

Augusta, Georgia Call Center Coverage

Our call center outsourcing services are available throughout Augusta and the 706 area code, including, but not limited to:

  • Evans, Georgia call center
  • Gracewood, GA call center

Georgia Call Center Services by City

Call Center Agents Serving Augusta

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