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As an award-winning call center, CMS provides high-quality answering services to clients in various industries. From healthcare to property management, manufacturing to real estate, CMS has experience in every business segment imaginable and has the resources to serve businesses large and small. With highly trained staff and advanced technology, our call center services can be delivered anywhere in the world.

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With two US locations serving clients worldwide, we are proud to provide Grand Rapids telephone answering services and call center solutions that help businesses maintain a professional phone presence without the expense of hiring additional employees. 

Grand Rapids 24-Hour Answering Service

Are you missing valuable calls after your office is closed? Need to maintain constant availability?

It’s no secret that businesses must answer the phone to make sales and keep customers happy. But what happens when you’re too busy or there’s no one available to take calls?

Grand Rapids call-answering service from CMS is the perfect solution for your business. We offer live telephone answering services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can focus on what you’re good at – running your business. Our experienced customer service professionals will handle all your callers professionally and make each customer feel appreciated.

Grand Rapids Call Center Outsourcing

At CMS, we make finding a solution for your call center needs easy and stress-free. With us, you won’t have to worry about training employees, acquiring equipment, or redirecting resources away from important projects. Our full-service call center solutions handle all aspects of the process, including technology and staffing. Partnering with us eliminates the need for an in-house call center in Grand Rapids or the headaches of outsourcing to a foreign company. Trust us to be your organization’s voice and provide tailored call center solutions that meet your needs.

Increase Profits by Reducing Costs

Unlike hiring staff, our Grand Rapids phone answering service is incredibly inexpensive, allowing you to pay only for the time you need. So instead of paying a receptionist or overnight dispatcher by the hour, our service will enable you to pay by the minute.

Designed to Meet Your Needs

Our Grand Rapids, Michigan, call center services are not “one-size-fits-all.” We understand that every organization has unique call center needs, and our services are designed to accommodate them. Whether you need certain calls routed to specific personnel, different instructions based on the time of day, or an intricate call distribution procedure for handling urgent situations, our system can be configured to meet your needs.

Featured Grand Rapids Answering Services

  • Customer Service OutsourcingOutsourcing to CMS is the perfect solution for businesses looking to maintain professional customer service without inflating costs. When you utilize our experienced customer service staff to handle calls on your behalf, you pay only for the time you need and avoid the high cost of hiring employees. In addition, our team can help your customers place orders, resolve basic technical problems, and carry out other tasks typically managed in your office.
  • Grand Rapids Medical Answering Service – Our Grand Rapids medical answering service is designed to cater to the needs of medical practices of all sizes, from single-physician practices to large clinics. Our service lets live operators answer patient calls and direct them based on the criteria you set. Urgent matters can be immediately dispatched to your on-call personnel or emergency contact, while non-critical issues can be held for the office to address during regular business hours. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or a large multispecialty group, our medical answering service can help you provide better patient care, increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Small Business Answering Service in Grand Rapids – Our answering service for small businesses is designed to help small companies to provide top-notch customer service without incurring additional expenses. Instead of dedicating precious capital to hiring office employees or receptionists, small businesses can use our 24-hour answering service to handle phone calls and redirect resources to other vital aspects of their business. This way, small companies can provide quality customer service comparable to larger, established firms without sacrificing their growth or professionalism. Our answering service gives small businesses the peace of mind that their calls are handled promptly and professionally, allowing them to focus on expanding their business.
  • After-Hours Answering Service – If a caller contacts your business after hours and reaches an automated system, they’ll likely hang up and try another company. Instead of losing this business to your competition, why not answer every call live? By utilizing after-hours telephone answering from CMS, you can have your calls answered whenever you are out of the office, ensuring a live person greets every customer.
  • Virtual Receptionist – With CMS virtual receptionists working for you 24/7, you’ll never have to worry about missing an important call again. Our live agents can always answer your customer’s questions and concerns. Plus, we provide a wide range of messaging options so that you can stay connected with customers no matter where you are.

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Recognized as an industry leader, CMS has provided telephone answering and call center services for over 50 years. Each of our telephone answering services is 100% customizable and designed to fit your organization’s needs. So we’ve got you covered if you need a virtual assistant for your budding small business or a complaint hotline for an established multi-state corporation.

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