CMS is a leading telephone answering service and virtual receptionist vendor proudly serving Richmond, VA. Available 24 hours a day, our Richmond answering service provides courteous staff to answer and handle calls per your instructions.

Our expert staff and superior technology allow us to provide call center services to customers worldwide. From small business answering services to large corporate hotlines, we have the knowledge and experience to manage your communication needs.

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Your 24/7 Richmond Answering Service Partner

You’re too busy to answer the phone all day, and additional staffing is costly, but you want to ensure you get all your important calls.

It’s tough enough trying to run a business without having to worry about missed calls and unanswered messages. Not only do you lose out on potential business, but your customers start to feel ignored.

CMS answering service in Richmond can help take your calls so that you never miss another one again. With our live telephone answering, message-taking, and call center services, you can focus on what’s important – running your business!

Call Center Outsourcing Made Easy

Setting up a call center is easier than you think. Working with CMS means you don’t have to worry about training staff, setting up equipment, or diverting resources from vital projects.

We provide complete call center solutions at CMS, handling everything from technology to staffing. Instead of setting up an in-house call center in Richmond or dealing with the frustration of outsourcing to a foreign company, we handle all your call center needs in the United States. We work as the voice of your business and deliver a wide range of personalized call center solutions.

Inexpensive Telephone Answering in Richmond

An hourly secretary gets paid regardless of whether they are talking on the phone. Our answering service in Richmond is a more cost-effective solution, allowing you to pay only for the time spent answering your calls. Available in affordable packages, our live answering service makes it easy for Richmond businesses to handle their calls professionally.

Designed to Meet Your Needs

With CMS, you never have to settle for a cookie-cutter solution. We can upload data directly and eliminate manual entry if you have an online CRM application. If you have office staff qualifying inbound leads, we can reproduce their process and interface with the same web-based software. Regardless of how you are doing things internally, you can use our call center solutions in Richmond to support and enhance your efforts.

Featured Solutions

Customer Service Call Center

You can deliver better customer support without breaking the bank. By choosing our call center to provide support on your behalf, you can keep your customers happy and avoid the costs of managing an internal call center. Our highly skilled customer service representatives work diligently as an extension of your organization and ensure every call to your business is a success.

Customer service outsourcing from CMS provides friendly staff to handle customer service calls on your behalf. Instead of managing an internal customer service department, you can take advantage of our resources and provide superior service for a fraction of the cost. In addition, our customer service agents receive rigorous training and are skilled at assisting customers as an extension of your business.

Richmond Medical Answering Service

Serving medical offices of all sizes and across every specialty, from pediatricians to oncologists, our Richmond medical answering service provides friendly receptionists to filter and dispatch calls based on urgency. Available around the clock, our medical answering service can be utilized after hours, during the day, or whenever your office needs relief.

Small Business Answering Service in Richmond

While large companies have the money to invest in full-time customer service departments, most small businesses don’t have that luxury, placing them at a significant disadvantage. With our Richmond answering service for small businesses, friendly live operators answer calls for a fraction of what it would cost to hire an employee. Better yet, we provide skilled customer service professionals who can help improve relationships and enhance customer satisfaction.

After-Hours Answering Service

What happens to your telephone calls when your office is closed? Are you sending them to voicemail? If so, you could lose business. Our after-hours answering service ensures every call made to your office gets answered. When customers can reach a human being, they’ll feel less inclined to call elsewhere.

Virtual Receptionist

With CMS virtual receptionists working for you 24/7, you’ll never have to worry about missing an important call again. Our live agents can always answer your customer’s questions and concerns. Plus, we provide a wide range of messaging options so that you can stay connected with customers no matter where you are.

Learn More Today

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If you’re from Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Norfolk, or any other city near Richmond, Virginia, you’ve found the right spot for top-tier call center solutions.

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