Work at Home call center customer service positions available to candidates residing in the state of Ohio and Nevada.

A People Driven Company

We are a people-driven organization. For over 50 years we have prided ourselves on hiring, promoting, and retaining only the highest quality personnel. We recognize that our organization is only as good as our personnel, and it shows in our commitment to our staff. We give our staff an opportunity to start a career. We aren’t an organization that wants to be just another job. We have over 100 employees, including 3 individuals with over 40 years of tenure, 2 with over 30, and numerous staff members that have been with us over 10 years.

We are able to succeed as a company because our employees offer the same high level of commit to CMS as we do to them. We also offer a unique opportunity to interact with people and provide a valuable service that touches thousands of lives each day. At CMS, you will:

  • Help People – We take calls and help businesses communicate, and that involves talking to and assisting people from all walks of life.

  • Complete Diverse Work  – No day is exactly the same and there’s always a new, interesting experience awaiting on the next call.

  • Gain Real-world Experience – Our work touches countless industries and job types, providing our employees with deep exposure to other businesses and roles.

If you want more than a routine job and are looking for a role that provides immediate fulfillment in addition to long-term career prospects, then CMS is for you!

CMS call center representative
CMS call center representative

Flexible Schedules, Work from Home Opportunities

We pride ourselves in providing great starting wages and numerous benefits that reward our employees for taking care of our customers, being good teammates, and making an impact. Benefits and incentives include:

  • Great Starting Pay – Our customer service positions start at $14.50 an hour and can quickly increase based on incentives and progression to more advanced positions and skill sets.

  • Insurance Benefits – Health, Life, and Dental insurance benefits are available to members of the team.

  • Flexible Schedules – As a 24 hour operation, we are able to offer flexible schedules and make a great fit for students who need to work around school or other commitments.

  • Work from Home Opportunities – No need to travel to the office! Employees who complete training and meet performance standards can earn the opportunity to work from home.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! CMS has a lot to offer and we would invite you to apply for open positions and explore our website to learn more about how we’re supporting businesses worldwide and providing unique, real-world experience to our associates.

From Our Employees

Since I’ve started working at CMS I have grown not only as a person but as an employee. When the company started the Employee of the Month program, I was the first recipient. I am proud to work here. I appreciate working for a company that respects, acknowledges, and rewards my hard work and dedication. Going forward I know that I can only get better and that CMS will provide a path for me to do so.


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Ready to start your new adventure? Work at Home positions are available to candidates residing in the state of Ohio and Nevada.