Frequently Asked Questions

Who is CMS?

Incorporated in 1967, and located in downtown Columbus, CMS provides services worldwide and has seen growth of over 400% in the last 8 years alone.The simplest way to define our organization is to say that we offer outsourced call center services. Our call center services including customer service, emergency service, ethics and compliance hotlines, order processing, attendance hotlines, IVR, and much more. All of our services are inbound, and we don’t offer any telemarketing, collections, or cold-calling services.

Why do businesses choose CMS?

To be successful, a company must have strong customer service. We are customer service experts and provide organizations with 24/7 customer support services at a fraction of the cost of maintaining internal staffing to perform the same processes. Organizations utilize our services to increase sales, increase customer satisfaction, focus their personnel, and decrease client attrition. We offer great value to any size business in any industry.

Who will I represent when working for CMS?

We have the great honor and privilege to represent over 2000 organizations worldwide including OhioHealth, Coca-Cola, KraftHeinz, Ohio Health Department, and OSU. Our clients range from 1-employee start-ups to Fortune 100 organizations. These organizations have the confidence and belief in CMS to trust us with their most valuable asset; their customers. We take this privilege seriously and only hire the best people, invest in the best technologies, and offer high impact cost-affordable solutions. Our services are designed to help businesses start-up, help small businesses compete, and allow businesses to be competitive. Any organization to be successful must have strong customer service and cannot afford to miss an opportunity to land their next great client.

What are some examples of calls I will process at CMS?

The calls you will process varies daily. You’ll be trained to represent every client of CMS and calls are assigned to the next available CSR. No two days at CMS are ever the same. On one call you may assist a patient with cancer that is reacting poorly to chemotherapy and on the next call you may assist a customer of an IT company that is having a technical issue. Every call you process provides you with a chance to make a positive impact on the callers and our clients.

What are the requirements to work at CMS?

We are seeking self-motivated, professional, adaptable, and personable individuals with good attendance that are able to type at least 45 AWPM. Strong written and verbal communication skills are a must. We require employees to work at least one weekend day and some holidays.

From Our Employees

Since I’ve started working at CMS I have grown not only as a person but as an employee. When the company started the Employee of the Month program, I was the first recipient. I am proud to work here. I appreciate working for a company that respects, acknowledges, and rewards my hard work and dedication. Going forward I know that I can only get better and that CMS will provide a path for me to do so.


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