What is an Employee Attendance Point System?

Point System Attendance Policy for HR: Here’s the Breakdown Some people shy away from implementing a point system to track non-exempt employee attendance because it sounds complicated. But in reality, an attendance point system can be: Straightforward & easy to introduce to your team Fair and equitable if enforced evenly Compliant with state and federal

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How Voice Broadcasting Works

If you need to reach a lot of people on your contact list and don’t want to (or can’t afford to) spend time calling them individually, an automated outbound call service known as voice broadcasting might be the solution you need.   

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2021 Answering Service Buyer’s Guide

Choosing an answering service is an important decision for a business with a high volume of calls. You want to get it right.  Since the team would be handling direct communication with your customers, they must be professional, empathetic, and have a good knowledge of how your business works.  In this detailed guide, we’ve looked

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