Make Your Systems HIPAA Compliant by Addressing these Four Areas

IT administrators who work for companies that store private patient information must make systems HIPAA compliant. HIPAA compliance is one of the main security standards for the healthcare industry. The goal is to protect patient information and ensure that technology follows best practices to secure claims, billing, and patient records. Here are the four main

Best Practices for Establishing On-Call Contact Procedures

If your company or department has on-call responsibilities, determining the on-call rotation is only half the battle. Once you know who is on-call and when, it’s important to establish a solid procedure for contacting personnel and escalating calls when a given contact is unavailable. Despite being critical to the on-call process, many organizations fail to

Practice Managers: Five Tips to Make Your Medical Call Center More Effective

This post is designed for physicians, medical office managers, nurses and other personnel who are responsible for managing their practice's relationship with a medical answering service or call center. Managed properly, outsourcing a portion of your calls to a professional call center can be an extremely effective and worthwhile business decision. Your practice can provide