Medical Answering Service in Columbus, Ohio

Known for superior customer service, highly trained agents, and advanced technical capabilities, CMS is a fully HIPAA compliant call center and medical answering service based in Columbus, Ohio and serving healthcare organizations nationwide. Partnering with hundreds of medical facilities across all specialties, CMS has over 50 years experience providing medical answering services to organizations large and small.

24/7 Medical Answering Services

When a patient calls your Columbus facility hoping to reach a member of your staff, the last thing they want to hear is an automated recording or be sent to voicemail. As a medical practice, like all businesses, a primary concern is customer satisfaction. However, as a medical practice, you have the added responsibility of caring for your patients’s medical needs and providing high quality, attentive care. If your patients aren’t satisfied, the chances of them seeking care somewhere else go up.

Our services are designed to meet your needs and are customized for practices of all shapes and sizes, whether you have one physician needing after hours support or multiple offices requiring 24 hour answering with on-call scheduling.

Medical Answering Services for Every Practice

Our Columbus medical answering service handles calls for a wide variety of healthcare organizations, including:

Have questions about our ability to serve your medical call center needs? Contact us today to learn more and discuss how our 100% customizable solutions can be tailored to meet your needs.

Medical Call Center Features and Benefits

Discover Why You Need a Medical Answering Service in Columbus, Ohio: Statistics and Demographics

CMS is used by medical practices and healthcare organizations large and small. Consider these reasons why companies in Columbus need Continental Message Solution:

  • Overall population health in Ohio is ranked below the national average. Ohio ranked 40 among the 50 states for total population health in the United Health Care Foundation’s report, America’s Health Rankings 2013. This puts increased strain on healthcare infrastructure and means providers have to do more with less to maintain profitability without degrading care. CMS helps you be there for patients without hiring more staff.
  • Ohio’s Controlling Board approved the state’s implementation of the Medicaid expansion. Between this and the Affordable Care Act, more of Ohio’s uninsured are gaining coverage and seeking healthcare providers. The increase in patients results in more phone calls and an increase in patient demands. CMS fields calls and helps practices keep up with their communication needs 24/7, aiding in their ability to keep pace with patient growth.
  • According to Census data, 14.4% of the Columbus population speak a language other than English at home. CMS offers multilingual answering service options to facilitate improved telephone communication between English speaking medical professionals and non-English speaking patients.

Local Call Center Based in Columbus, Ohio

Looking for a local touch? We have got you covered. We are a Columbus, Ohio based company with an office at 41 S. Grant Ave. in Columbus, Ohio. A second facility in Las Vegas provides us with nationwide coverage and complete disaster preparedness.

About CMS

Continental Message Solution (CMS) is an award-winning call center outsourcing company based in Columbus, Ohio. Our 24 hour call center provides telephone customer service and live answering services to a worldwide network of clients, including numerous Fortune 500 corporations. We have served the medical answering service needs of the healthcare industry since 1967, beginning with basic messaging services and expanding to live operator, IVR, and web-based solutions. For a pricing or a custom quote for your call center needs, contact us today.

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