Columbus’s rapid growth and vibrant economy make it a prime location for residential and commercial rentals. To satisfy the demands of lessees, property managers need to be available 24 hours a day to offer support to their residents.

At Continental message Solution (CMS), our property management answering service in Columbus gives property managers the tools, technology, and staff to handle all their phone calls 24/7.

Why Consider a Property Management Answering Service?

When a resident or lessee calls their property manager, it is usually because they have a problem. Some problems require immediate assistance. Others less so. But no matter the urgency, the person expects the call to reach a live human being that will give them the answer they need.

Managing these calls yourself can be difficult and distracting. Hiring full-time staff is also a waste of resources. At our Columbus call center, our team can make sure that you always have someone that can provide excellent customer service for any caller, and immediately follow up with those calls as required. You can offer better support for you residents for far less of an investment.

Why Choose CMS?

Based in Columbus, CMS is able to provide custom, personalized support for your property management call center needs. We offer several benefits that make us the right choice for your requirements, including:

  • 24 Hour Live Answering Service – Our staff is available 24 hours a day to accept calls.
  • Multi-Call Support – We have staff that can answer multiple calls at once, with no wait time.
  • Pay For the Calls You Receive – You only pay for time spent handling your calls.
  • Personalized Call Experience – Each call with be answered as if it is your staff on the other end.
  • Accountability – Calls are recorded and time stamped. We believe in accountability.

We also provide follow up services, whether it’s scheduling appointments, filling a maintenance request, or calling an emergency number. Our team follows up with each and every task. Our call center is also 100% US-based and fully trained in the needs of this type of customer service.

Local Call Center Based in Columbus, Ohio

Looking for a local touch? We have got you covered. We are a Columbus, Ohio based company with an office at 41 S. Grant Ave. in Columbus, Ohio. A second facility in Las Vegas provides us with nationwide coverage and complete disaster preparedness.

About CMS

Continental Message Solution (CMS) is an award-winning call center outsourcing company based in Columbus, Ohio. Our 24 hour call center provides telephone customer service and live answering services to a worldwide network of clients, including numerous Fortune 500 corporations. We have served the medical answering service needs of the healthcare industry since 1967, beginning with basic messaging services and expanding to live operator, IVR, and web-based solutions. For a pricing or a custom quote for your call center needs, contact us today.

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