CMS call-off hotline solutions include user-friendly absence management software that helps businesses eliminate manual attendance tracking and reduce employee absenteeism. It’s the perfect tool for any business looking to improve attendance, avoid workforce disruption, and maximize productivity.  

Absence Management Software from CMS

Absence Management Reduces the Impact of Absenteeism

Our Absence Management Software enables businesses to effectively track employee absences and prevent lost productivity while maintaining compliance with applicable laws and internal attendance policies. 

Managing employee absences is critical to efficient operations. Workplaces with lower rates of absences tend to be more productive and have higher employee morale. Effective absence management also makes it easier to cover open shifts and continue production with minimal setbacks successfully. 

CMS employee attendance solutions help with all aspects of absence management, from intake to reporting and automation. Our system can help you collect, track, and respond to attendance events faster by eliminating expensive, error-prone manual processes. 

An Absence Management System that Tracks and Reacts

In the event of illness, injury, or some other attendance event, there must be a way to monitor and manage changes. Absence management is the practice of collecting and managing data to reduce the impact of absenteeism. 

Our system supports your absence management effort by providing an integrated solution for processing and tracking employee call-offs, including FMLA and adherence to company attendance policies. 

Our employee attendance reporting and workforce analytics also help you track excessive or unreasonable absences so that your company can identify and address problems sooner. 

Achieve and Maintain Compliance

In addition to contributing to a better business environment, effective absence management contributes to regulatory compliance. Federal regulations like the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act (ADAAA) require businesses to track absences to ensure compliance with work-leave policies. 

Even when employers are familiar with federal and state regulations and have the best intentions for their employees, sometimes the rules can still be challenging to understand. If employers mismanage their employees’ absences, incorrectly apply regulations, or don’t have the resources to develop an effective and reasonable attendance policy, they risk severe consequences from fines to lawsuits.

CMS absence management solutions can help employers address these and other issues. 

Simplify Common Attendance Challenges

Some challenges involved in absence management include:

  • Shift Fill and Backfill. How do you quickly and accurately fill open positions? CMS can automatically initiate and complete shift fill procedures, including identifying and contacting appropriate replacements per labor contracts and business requirements. 
  • Short Term Disability. Helping manage the process of administering short-term disability reduces the risk of fraud. It keeps the cost of treatment lower by finding and recommending more economical and equally effective options.
  • Workforce Disruption. Effectively managing absenteeism with an attendance policy, leave practices, good communication, and other methods can help mitigate the stress and disruption associated with absent employees. 
  • Adherence to Leave Practices. Businesses may be unfamiliar with the standard practices or legal requirements associated with employee leave. CMS can help employers keep track of all relevant data and automate routine reports, notifications, and policy documents. 

Streamline the Entire Process with CMS

CMS can help businesses of any size navigate these complexities by capturing, tracking, and automating critical absence management functions. Contact us today to learn more about our employee call-off hotline and absence management solutions.