CMS employee call-off solutions include powerful attendance automation features that reduce absenteeism, limit downtime and eliminate many time-consuming processes that bog down HR. 

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Eliminate Costly Absence Intake and Attendance Tracking

Traditionally, employee call-offs have been taken manually, with someone in your office answering the phone and copying down the employee’s information by hand or tediously entering it into a spreadsheet. Unfortunately, manual attendance tracking is an expensive and error-prone process that often results in incomplete records and inconsistent data capture. Not to mention the delays and other operational issues that arise from call-off data not reaching the right people promptly. 

Automated employee call-off systems from CMS provide a better way. 

Use IVR to Automate Your Employee Call-Off Hotline

Our automated attendance solutions begin by capturing your employee call-offs, also known as absence intake. CMS employee call-off hotlines can be automated using interactive voice response (IVR) technology that provides employees with a self-service experience. The call-off IVR is a pre-recorded voice system that asks questions and captures responses via the keypad. 

When employees need to call in sick, notify you that they’re running late, or report any deviation from their schedule, they call the hotline, any time day or night. The IVR system can then capture their employee ID, location, shift, infraction type, reason, and other pertinent information. 

Live Agents Optional

Call-off hotlines from CMS can utilize IVR or live operators. Our automated solutions can also work in conjunction with our live answering services, providing the option of speaking with a live agent upon request or under specific circumstances that you determine in advance. 

With CMS, you always have the option of using automated IVR systems, live agents, or a combination of both. 

Notify the Right People with Automated Call-Off Notifications

Beyond automating the intake process, our call-off system can automatically trigger notifications that ensure the right people receive the information they need when they need it. For example, our system can intelligently route attendance notifications to production line managers, department heads, or multiple contacts. Messages can be sent via email or SMS or retrieved via our online dashboard. 

Fill Open Shifts Quickly and Correctly

CMS helps organizations limit the impact of absenteeism by automating routine shift fill functions, including shift callouts and intelligent backfilling. 

The moment an unfilled shift gets recorded through your call-off hotline, our system gets to work identifying and contacting potential replacements per your personalized rules and contact procedures. 

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Automate Point System Tracking, Attendance Warnings, and Document Generation

If you use a point system to keep track of employee attendance, our system can automatically track it for you. Complicated tracking spreadsheets will become a thing of the past. CMS point system tracking can also streamline policy administration by automatically sending warnings and generating documents.

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Employer Dashboard with Robust Call-Off Reporting and Attendance Analytics

The real power of our call-off system lies in the data. Our employer dashboard provides real-time access to employee attendance data, including all call histories for the account’s lifetime, time-stamped records, and every call recording. Standard metrics also include comprehensive reports per employee, department, shift, and location. 

Within employee attendance data, there are often trends and insights that can be analyzed and reported. For example, daily infraction rates can help predict staffing needs. In addition, you can use attendance analytics from CMS to spot pattern abuse, run employee or department-specific reports, defend against disputes, and more.

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Integrate with your Existing Software

Our employee call-off system can integrate directly with HRIS and personnel management software through an API or secure FTP connection. We can pull data into our service as well as push data back into other systems. This eliminates redundant data entry and ensures data consistency across your applications.

Benefits of an Automated Employee Call-Off System

Poor call-off processes can wreak havoc on your business, from downtime to disputes. An automated employee attendance system and call-off hotline eliminate these and other problems associated with manual systems, demonstrating a clear advantage with things like:

  • Saving Time & Money: Technology and 100% irrefutable metrics help eliminate frivolous employee disputes, lawsuits, and unemployment claims.
  • Increasing Productivity: By lowering the risk of errors in attendance records, automated systems make it possible for people to be more productive in other areas. When an employer doesn’t have to spend as much time simply making sure all their employees are where they’re supposed to be, they’re better able to focus on tasks only they can do.
  • Improving Accuracy: Standardizing the employee call-off process ensures you collect the correct information on every call: no more inconsistent data capture or incomplete records. 
  • Achieving Compliance: The accurate, detailed records that an automated attendance record creates are vital when providing documentation as evidence of regulatory or policy compliance. 
  • Limiting Downtime: Many supervisors and managers are busy with their daily tasks and cannot take every phone call. Just one employee calling off can cause a work stoppage or dangerous working conditions for a whole department or production line.
  • Standardizing Processes: Our system provides all of your stakeholders with a consistent process to follow, from the steps employees take to call off to the administration of your attendance policies and recordkeeping. 

Automate Your Call-Off Processes Today

There’s no alternative to an automated employee attendance system from CMS. Having an easy-to-use, comprehensive, automated system for attendance takes necessary but time-consuming tasks and performs them quickly and accurately. Contact CMS to begin automating your employee call-off processes today.