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Employee Attendance Hotline Services from Continental Message Solution

The real world isn’t always as convenient and streamlined as we’d like it to be. Ideally, employees would always be able to come into work on time on the days they’re supposed to, and your company would always be prepared should the unexpected arise.

However, everyone eventually faces illness, transportation problems, and other personal issues. In those circumstances, employees need a reliable way to let employers know that they’re going to be late or absent. In addition, they need to be able to let the employer know whenever it arises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and have that absence properly tracked and accounted for.

Introduction to Attendance Hotline Solutions

An employee call-off hotline is the best way for employees to communicate with their employers in case of an unexpected absence or tardiness. It addresses a number of different problems, and benefits employees, employers, and human resources (HR), who keep record of attendance:

  • Employees – With a single hotline number to remember, employees don’t have to remember who in the chain of command to call or worry that their message will be lost or not given to the correct person. Speaking with a person who isn’t their supervisor or coworker can also put employees more at ease when giving an explanation for their absence, and with 24 hour access, they can call and speak to a live person without worrying about the message being received.
  • Employers – Employers are informed of employee absences as soon as they’re called in, so the absences can be planned around sooner. Other employee workloads and overall productivity won’t have to suffer because the supervisor doesn’t know where the absent employee is, thus making it easier for employers to plan their days and address the needs of the business.
  • Human Resources – Having an employee call-off hotline makes HR’s documentation tasks easier. Not only are all employees reporting their absences to one source, but much of the paperwork about the reason and duration of the absence is completed by the call service representatives before it’s given to HR. In addition, call records keep track of the day and time employees call in, and monitor trends on their behalf.

Talking to a real person on the other end of the phone line is also an advantage over leaving absence or tardiness notices on an answering machine or other automated service. With a live operator available 24 hours a day, calls are more quickly answered and accurately recorded.

Everyone in your company can benefit from an employee call-off hotline. It turns what is often a disorganized, confusing series of miscommunications into a systematic, streamlined process of documentation. Contact Continental Message Solution for more information.