An attendance hotline from CMS provides a single telephone number that employees can use to report absences or changes to their schedules. Our fully-featured employee attendance solutions include everything you need to streamline your absence intake process and reduce the cost of dealing with absenteeism.

Call center operator taking calls on an employee attendance hotline

A Dedicated Number for Handling Attendance Calls

Employees would always come to work in an ideal world, and companies would have contingency plans when they don’t.

However, everyone eventually faces illness, transportation problems, other circumstances that force them to miss work or alter their schedule. In those situations, employees need a reliable way to let employers know that they will be late or absent. In addition, they need the ability to let the employer right away, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Benefits of an Employee Attendance Hotline

An employee attendance hotline is the best way for employees to communicate with their employers about an unexpected absence or tardiness. It addresses several different problems, and benefits employees, employers, and HR professionals alike:

  • Employees – Employees no longer have to worry about remembering who in the chain of command to call or worry that their message will be lost or not given to the correct person. Speaking with a person who isn’t their supervisor or coworker can also put employees more at ease when explaining their absence, and with 24-hour access, they can call at any time.
  • Employers – Employers are informed of employee absences immediately, enabling them to find replacements and avoid work interruptions. Our automated shift fill system can even initiate processes to find shift coverage. Gone are the days of overall productivity suffering because the supervisor lost track of absent employees or failed to fill their position.
  • Human Resources – Having an employee call-off hotline makes HR’s job easier. Not only are all employees reporting their absences to one source, but our system handles the reporting, documentation, and notifications automatically. In addition, our online dashboard will keep track of the day and time employees call in, the reason, and other data points to help you identify trends.

Everyone in your company can benefit from an employee attendance hotline. It turns a disorganized, confusing series of miscommunications into a systematic, streamlined process.

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Powerful Features Save You Time & Money

CMS is a leading provider of attendance hotline solutions. See how we compare to the competition.

  • Live operators or automated

  • Custom notifications

  • FMLA processes

  • Automatic point tracking

  • Automated attendance warnings

  • Custom reporting dashboard

  • Shift fill/backfill

  • Integrates with your software

  • Department and location-specific processes

  • Policy document generation

Other Providers

  • Only costly live operators

  • Limited notifications

  • No FMLA considerations

  • Manual point tracking

  • No warning system

  • Basic reporting

  • No shift fill

  • No third party integrations

  • One-size-fits-all approach with no customization

  • No document generation

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