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Automated Attendance Point Tracking

Good employee attendance trends benefit a business overall. The more employees are actually at work doing their job, the higher the rates of productivity and quality of work. If a business is seeing higher labor costs, lower morale among employees, and lower productivity, it may be due to an attendance issue.
One way to reduce this problem is with an employee attendance point tracking system, available at Continental Message Solution. With our point system services, employers are able to better track employee absenteeism issues and make sound judgments from an unbiased source. To get started, give us a call at 1-800-369-8908.

How To Create and Use an Attendance Point System

Using a point system to reward employees with good attendance habits instead of just disciplining those with bad attendance habits demonstrates that an employer is committed to fair treatment. Continental Message Solution can work with a business to develop a system for tracking attendance points that work best for its industry and work culture. Some details to consider when creating an attendance point system include:

These points systems provide you with an unbiased way to track absenteeism trends in a way that protects you from wrongful termination suits, while also giving you valuable data on employees that are successfully attending their work shifts.

Contact Continental Message Solution About Employee Attendance Point System Tracking

No matter what attendance goals a business has, a point system can help employers and their employees achieve them. Continental Message Solution can help create and track an attendance point system that would best benefit your business. Contact CMS today to get started.