Attendance point system tracking from CMS helps organizations automatically record occurrences and administer their attendance policies. 

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What is an Attendance Point System?

Attendance point systems are a type of employee attendance policy where points are added to an employee’s record if they are absent, tardy, or leave early. The number of points accrued often varies based on the type of infraction. 

A practical point system can help deal with attendance issues in your organization fairly and consistently, discouraging excessive tardiness and absenteeism.  When employees gain too many points, they face disciplinary action; when employees maintain good attendance, they are rewarded. 

Tracking Points Is Time-Consuming and Can Lead to Disputes

There are downsides to point-based attendance policies, including the cost of maintaining the system and the potential for disputes. Keeping track of employee points across your entire organization is time-consuming. The challenges with maintaining the system can also lead to legal issues.

For example, if any of your attendance policies do not exclude absences for legally protected reasons, such as a disability or using paid sick leave, then they are illegal. Both State and federal law require that these types of absences be excluded from any employee discipline.

CMS Tracks Attendance Points Accurately & Consistently

Our employee call-off hotline includes automated attendance point system tracking that makes it easy to follow and administer your attendance point system. 

With CMS, you can ditch the complicated attendance tracking spreadsheets once and for all. Instead, our call-off hotline will keep track of every attendance occurrence and automatically record the correct number of points based on your attendance policy. 

CMS point system tracking provides a 360-degree view of each employee’s attendance record, allowing employees to see where they stand and giving supervisors the information they need to deliver feedback. 

Automate Notifications, Warnings, and Document Generation

CMS can automate many routine attendance policy tasks, including notifications, warnings, and document generation. For example, our system can complete appropriate disciplinary actions that you determine in advance, such as sending a warning email to an employee when they reach a certain number of points. We can also remind employees of their points while they are in the process of calling off. 

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Start Saving Time and Money Today

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